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Australia Is Set To Have The Biggest Increase In Beer Tax In 30 Years

Australia Is Set To Have The Biggest Increase In Beer Tax In 30 Years

You could soon be paying up to $15 for a pint of beer at the pub.

Aussies could soon be paying a hell of a lot more money for a beer.

The Australian Tax Office recently revealed the excise on beer will be lifted by 4 per cent, which is the largest tax tike in 30 years, according to The Guardian.

A 4 per cent increase works out to be roughly $2.50 more per litre.

9News says you won't be able to avoid the price hike by ditching the pub and opting for the bottle shop instead.

Taxes on a case of beer are set to rise to $18.80.

Pictured: Several week's worth of beer for a healthy man under 40.

The excise is adjusted twice a year based on inflation and, because it's been so high recently, the ATO believes beer should go up as well.

Australia has the fourth highest beer tax in the world compared to advanced OECD and EU countries.

A report revealed Australia only falls behind the likes of Norway, Japan and Finland when it comes to how much beer is taxed.

The Brewers Association of Australia is fuming at the proposed change in prices and CEO John Preston said Aussies deserve to have a break.

"Australians are taxed on beer more than almost any other nation," he said. “We have seen almost 20 increases in Australia’s beer tax over the past decade alone.

"Brewers and pub and club operators were extremely disappointed the former Government did not deliver on a proposed reduction in beer tax at this year's March Budget."

There's nothing sweeter than a free beer.
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“Sadly, we’re now seeing the impact as pub patrons will soon be faced with the prospect of regularly paying around $15 for a pint at their local.

“For a small pub, club or other venue the latest tax hike will mean an increase of more than $2,700 a year in their tax bill – at a time when they are still struggling to deal with the ongoing impacts of the pandemic.”

Preston has taken aim at Australia's federal Treasurer and called on him to review the planned changes to the beer tax.

"This is a problem that the new Treasurer has inherited from his predecessors and there are many competing demands on the Budget," he said.

"Nonetheless, we believe there is a strong case for beer tax relief to be provided by the new Federal Government - with the hidden beer tax to go up again in February 2023."

9News reports Treasurer Jim Chalmers won't be getting rid of the tax, however he will look at 'potential relief'.

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