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Travel To LA For £86 With British Airways's New Budget Airline

Travel To LA For £86 With British Airways's New Budget Airline

Holidays are the best. If I had my druthers, I'd go on holiday all the time especially when the weather is so bad at home. But sadly they cost money. And while holidays can go on forever, I have found that money is sadly finite; at least in my experience.

Enter budget airlines. There can never be enough. And thankfully more and more are popping up everyday. British Airways has just announced that it's launching it's own cheap airline called Level. I'm hoping that it will combine BA's class with Easyjet's cheapness.


It's a long-haul airline, so that means all the places that used to cost bucket loads of to get to are now affordable. YAS. I'll start packing and get the sunscreen.

If you've dreamed of being Stateside and not bankrupt, it will only cost you £86 to get to LA. And if you're like me and dreaming of South America, it's £129 out of your savings account for Buenos Aires and Punta Cana destinations.

Credit: Wiki Commons

Much cheapness.


"Level will become IAG's fifth main airline brand alongside Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and Vueling. It will complement our existing airline portfolio and further diversify our current customer base," chief executive of IAG, Willie Walsh said.

All I hear is holiday. Holiday. HOLIDAY!

It's going to be like other budget airlines where you pay extra for baggage and a slightly bigger seat etc so you have to make sure that all the add-ons don't cripple you.

Level will be a pay for what you want type service with customers having to pay extra for checked baggage, meals and internet access. And you're going to want something to eat on a long-haul flight. And maybe a few celebratory drinks...

While I am not particularly keen on spending £5 on one measly drink of water, I never go for the wifi on a plane. It would be cool to message people to tell them I'm several thousand feet in the air, but I am not prepared to chop off an arm or a leg to pay for it.

So I was super psyched to read that wifi is now going to be free. Well on seven airlines and I'm assuming the rest will follow. If you're flying on Emirates, Qatar Airways, JetBlue Airways, Norwegian, Turkish Airlines, Air China, China Eastern or Nok Air, then you can surf the web and Snapchat to your heart's delight.

Or you know, you could look at the window and revel in the wonder that is flight.

And with all that money saved from your flight, you could sure do some great stuff once you got to the City of Angels.

Living It Up In LA

You could, for example, take a trip to Disneyland - come on now you're never too old and who doesn't want to meet Micky Mouse?

Or if you're not into that, you could soak up the sun and get active on Venice Beach by renting out a speed boat and taking to the ocean.

And for anybody who's more into drinking than getting out and about, there are some fantastic bars in the city. Or if you're more into EDM, Avalon, the city's pre-eminent nightclub, favors Europe's techno renaissance music.

What a great offer; what a great city. I'm sure Level will get a lot of custom from the offer!

Featured Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons

James Dawson

James Dawson is a Journalist at LADbible. He has contributed articles to LADbible’s ‘Knowing Me, Knowing EU’ series on the EU referendum, the 'Electoral Dysfunction' series on the 2017 general election, the ‘U OK M8?’ series tackling mental health amongst young men, and for its ‘Climate Change’ initiative in partnership with National Geographic.


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Travel To LA For £86 With British Airways's New Budget Airline

Travel To LA For £86 With British Airways's New Budget Airline

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