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Baby gets born with a perfect heart-shaped birth mark on its tummy

Baby gets born with a perfect heart-shaped birth mark on its tummy

Jorgia bears the mark of true love on her little stomach.

Baby Jorgia is a symbol of love, in both the figurative and literal sense as she bears the mark of love for all to see.

Little Jorgia Welch has a little birthmark on her tummy that is the perfect shape of a love heart.

It's an odd yet adorable turn of events considering she was born nearly one year ago, in the month for lovers and Valentine's Day, February.

It was her mum, Jayne Welch, 37 who revealed that baby Jorgia was the talk of the hospital when she was born thanks to her extra-special birthmark.

"The heart-shaped birthmark is on Jorgia’s tummy and midwives couldn’t believe it when they spotted it," the Stoke-on-Trent mum said.


“When she was first born, it was only a little red mark, but in a perfect heart shape."

Her mum revealed doctors were stunned to see the perfectly formed little symbol on their newborn.

"We knew we were having a girl and the paediatrician was amazed when they noticed the red marking on Jorgia’s tiny tummy," the 37-year-old Staffordshire woman said.

They were advised by doctors that birthmarks often vanish overtime with newborns, but Jorgia has defied the odds yet again.

The tot, nearly one, still carries love's mark to this day.

"Since then it has kept growing naturally," her mum said. "It was quite flat at first but it developed and is slightly raised now."

She added: "Doctors thought it would fade, but it hasn’t disappeared or faded. Jorgia is growing up quickly, it’s grown with her and in perfect proportion."


Her mum loves her daughter’s unique birthmark so much that she is planning to 'get a matching tattoo in the same place'.

"We love our February-born baby girl and her very unique love heart birthmark" she said.

Speaking of February, Jorgia was born on the 22nd of the February month, 2022.

So her birthdate literally reads 22-2-22.

And if numerology is anything to go by, the number two is a 'supremely feminine force', which also 'represents both grace and power', according to

The website said the number two is a 'cooperative' number, that aims 'to bring peace and balance back to a relationship or situation'.

Sort of like a couple's first child, which, for many people, would be the final puzzle piece in life.

But, if you don't believe in numerology (or just aren't into junk 'science'), then it's a cool coincidence.

Just like baby Jorgia's lovely heart-shaped birthmark.

Featured Image Credit: Caters.

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