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Bartender Says They Saw Man Spike Woman’s Drink So They Swapped Their Glasses

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

Bartender Says They Saw Man Spike Woman’s Drink So They Swapped Their Glasses

A bartender has revealed what they did when they saw a customer allegedly spike a woman's drink, claiming they turned the tables on the man.

An article from Whisper collated 'moments where ordinary people prevented sexual assault', based on anonymous confessions.

In one, a bartender explained how they reacted when they saw a man 'drug a girl's drink', saying they simply 'switched the drinks' around.

They said: "I’m a bartender. Last night I saw a guy drug a girl’s drink. When he wasn’t looking I switched the drinks. Watched that guy drug himself."


Of course, the nature of the website means that not only can the story not be verified, but we also don’t know the full situation. 

Stock image. Credit: Alamy
Stock image. Credit: Alamy

Alcohol education charity Drinkaware warns that drinks spiked with alcohol or drugs can make a person seriously vulnerable, and that spiking someone’s drink carries a maximum of a 10-year prison sentence in the UK. 

According to the charity, symptoms of drink spiking include lowered inhibitions, loss of balance, feeling sleep, visual problems, confusion, nausea, vomiting and unconsciousness – but these will depend on ‘lots of factors’ such as the substance(s) used, your size and weight, and how much alcohol you’ve already consumed. 


In an advice section on its website, it says: “Reporting suspected drink spiking to a venue and the police is one way to ensure enough steps are being taken to keep people safe.” 

Stock image. Credit: Alamy
Stock image. Credit: Alamy

Drinkaware also explains that there are a number of things you can do if you think someone has had their drink spiked, including: 

  • Tell a bar manager, bouncer or member of staff 
  • Stay with them and keep talking to them 
  • Call an ambulance if their condition deteriorates 
  • Don’t let them go home on their own 
  • Don’t let them leave with someone you don’t know or trust 
  • Don’t let them drink more alcohol – this could lead to more serious problems 

In the thread, another person claimed they dealt with a similar situation by calling the police.

They said: "When I was in high school, I saw a guy once slip in a roofie at a party to a girl... it was underage drinking, so I left, and called the cops... He’s still in prison. No one f***s with me."

For more information and advice about drinks spiking, head to the Drinkaware website.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

Jess Hardiman
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