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Blind BBC reporter knocks thief off bike after phone gets snatched from hand

Blind BBC reporter knocks thief off bike after phone gets snatched from hand

The presenter believes he was targeted because he is blind

A blind BBC News correspondent has described how he tackled a thief who stole his phone and attempted to get away on a bike.

Reporter Sean Dilley, who also acts as project lead for the BBC’s Reframing Disability Programme, took to Twitter this morning (27 December) to share his ordeal after it took place during the Christmas holidays.

Dilley shared a picture of his injured leg and explained that he sustained the injuries after an encounter with a man on a bike who 'snatched and stole' his iPhone straight out of his hand.

Sean's phone was stolen straight out of his hand.

The thief attempted to get away, but Dilley made clear he'd targeted the 'wrong blind person' on the 'wrong day'.

Dilley was born with congenital blindness, which leaves people with permanent and irreversible or severely impaired vision.

In a series of follow-up tweets, the reporter described what sounded like a move fit for an action movie as he took a 'running jump' to dive on to the thief, knocking him off his bike and on to the floor.

Dilley's quick actions allowed him to get his phone back from the thief, and he held on to him as he called the police.

"I did let him go after a few minutes, but only when others arrived to help me," Dilley explained. "I absolutely could have continued to detain the gentleman, but I got my phone back and I actually didn’t want to risk injuring him I had him safely, detained on the floor, with my body weight across his legs and his wrists held to the floor."

Explaining his decision to let him go, Dilley said: "I apprehended him in fact I arrested him and advised him as such.

"The thing is, it had been a few minutes and I had my phone back I decided discretion is the better part of valour police are checking the CCTV if they spot him, he will be arrested by them."

Dilley let the man go after catching him.

The presenter 'strongly suspect[s]' he was targeted because he was blind.

Dilley said the incident left him feeling 'quite sore', and while in hindsight he realised 'no property is worth risking your life for' he admitted he is 'so glad' he managed to detain the thief, who he believes had the 'shock of his life' after Dilley caught him.

Twitter users have shown their support for Dilley after he shared his story, with many celebrating his decision to try and catch the thief.

One person responded: "I don’t know how in earth you did this without sight! Well done."

Dilley has said the Met Police are 'investigating a possible attempted robbery offence' as a result of his ordeal.

LADbible has contacted the Met Police for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: seandilleyNEWS/Twitter

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