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Best Man Loses Bride's Wedding Ring During Middle Of Ceremony

Best Man Loses Bride's Wedding Ring During Middle Of Ceremony

The ring landed down a grate and had to retrieved by the wedding's videographer

This is the cringe-worthy moment when a best man managed to drop the bride’s ring during the service. You can probably make yourself feel about 10 times better about your own day by watching here: 

Awkward, eh?

As any former best man will tell you, the whole experience can be pretty nerve wracking but, usually, you can console yourself with the fact that all the fears you've ahead of the big day won’t come true. 

Except for poor Billie Christie, who was best man when brother Eddie, 31, got hitched to Susan Reed, 30, last month. 

In the clip, Billie takes the groom’s ring from the box and hands it over to the priest, without incident - but when it comes to getting Susan’s ring from off a white cushion, Billie accidentally drops it and ends up falling right through a grate. 

The groom's face says it all.
Deadline News

Fortunately, the wedding’s videographer was able to whip the cover off the grate and retrieve the ring, meaning the wedding was able to go ahead as planned - including the exchanging of rings.

Newlywed Eddie said: ​​“We got married in a lovely church.

“When the pillow got handed to the best man, the ring fell out and went down the grate. I just saw it drop and heard the ‘tink’ and my mouth was wide open, I couldn’t believe it.

“After that had happened it was a bit awkward and nobody knew what to do.

“The photographer took the grate off and rummaged around for what felt like forever but thankfully they managed to find it.”

Fortunately the couple were still able to get hitched.
Deadline News

Videographer Grace Bail, 23, said: “I had actually been looking down at these air vent grates on the floor thinking 'gosh that is right underneath where the rings will be passed'.

“The best man Billie dropped the bride’s wedding ring down the vent and everyone just stood in shock for a while kind of laughing.

“The groom Eddie had the best reaction I think, his face was a picture.

“It was only underground for about 10 minutes as the photographer lifted the grate up and dug around in years worth of dust and spiders until he found the ring and the ceremony resumed.”

Grace has since shared the video on TikTok where it has received over 31,000 views.

One person said: "The priest was speechless."

And another wrote: "Who put a bloody vent there anyway?"

Featured Image Credit: Deadline News

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