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Britain's Got Talent Fans Think They've Figured Out Who The Witch Is

Britain's Got Talent Fans Think They've Figured Out Who The Witch Is

Viewers of the ITV show have been putting their theories across on social media

Britain's Got Talent fans remain adamant on who they think the person behind the mask of The Witch act is. Watch below:

Ever since The Witch hit the stage during this year’s season of the ITV show, fans have been busy on social media trying to figure out who is hidden behind the hideous mask.

And while the jury’s still out, some viewers reckon they’ve worked it out.

The first horror act impressed and repulsed the audience by making an apple burst into maggots and cockroaches all over the judges’ desk.

Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams were all utterly shocked by the stunt, but also opted to pass The Witch through to the next round.

Since then, fans have spotted that the act doesn’t have an official social media page, leading some to assume they must be connected to the show. 

Earlier this month, a number of fans thought ITV presenter Stephen Mulhern is the culprit and many still believe that's the case.

One user said: "The Witch is going to be Stephen Mulhern. No official Twitter page. So has to be a magician connected to the show. That hasn’t done that for years. And there was only one in the audition."

While a second added: "Actually, The Witch DOES sound a bit like Stephen Mulhern."

Someone else echoed: "I reckon one of these witches is Stephen Mulhern me lol."


However, celebrity witch and body language expert Inbaal Honigman told the Daily Star that the person hidden behind the mask is not the ITV presenter.

She remarkably said that there's more chance of it being Bake Off star Noel Fielding.

I mean that's a great shout to be fair.

Could Noel Fielding be the witch?

Inbaal said: "Never looking at the TV cameras (which is harder than you'd think), this person is likely a pro around TV sets, but the constant eye contact with the judges, and the physical interaction - touching Amanda's hands for example, suggest that this is likely a theatre person at heart, used to intimate shows in front of a responsive audience."

She added: "If we're looking for someone in the public eye who is a TV and theatre pro, who can speak in jaunty riddles and has gothy leanings, perhaps one Noel Fielding comes to mind.

"The heavy, worn walking boots are not like the Mighty Boosh star's usual silver pointy footwear... but a lot of other elements fit like a glove!"

Also, rather notably, Stephen himself has denied the rumours against him and said: "Everyone keeps asking if I’m the Witch from @bgt! Well you might want to ask @lisaarmstrongmakeup what I look like before she put makeup on me!"

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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