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'Petrified' driver spots big cat prowling village in Wales

Tom Wood

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A driver was ‘petrified’ when he saw what he believed was a big cat prowling around near a village in Wales.

22-year-old Morgan Taylor believes that he saw a ‘lynx' stalking about while he was making a delivery to the small village of Rassau in Blaenau Gwent.

We’ll let him take up the tale, shall we?

The delivery driver said: “I was driving back home and I'd seen something in the bushes that looked a bit irregular.


“So I slowed down in my car - my windows were down at this point - and as it approached out of the bushes, I put my windows straight up.

“At first, I thought it was a leopard.

“I can't lie. It was massive."

Here's what Morgan saw. Credit: Pen News
Here's what Morgan saw. Credit: Pen News

“I don't wanna say it was as big as a toddler - it was even bigger.

“The video doesn't do it justice.

“It was about a meter and a half, maybe two meters at a push - it was a very, very big cat.”

Morgan, like anyone in this day and age would, quickly grabbed out his phone and started recording.


In the footage, recorded on Wednesday (14 June), Morgan captured a large cat, that’s for sure.

It’s got spots on it, much like a jaguar or a leopard might have.

He continued: “I was petrified; that's the only word I can tell you.

“I felt like I'd seen a ghost.


“At first glance I thought it was going to be coming for me because it was a big cat.

“It made no noises, it just looked like it was investigating something.”

Once the footage was shared online, the amateur British big cat sleuths started sharing their own theories.

Some think it’s a lynx, others a bobcat, with some even suggesting that it could really be a leopard.


One said: “Absolutely clear and probably the best, most definitive footage of a big cat I've seen.”

Another recognised the cat as a Savannah cat, a Bengal, or some other large domestic cat.

They even claimed to know that one was living nearby.

Morgan’s opinion’s is different.

So, is it a leopard, or just a really big domestic cat? Credit: Pen News
So, is it a leopard, or just a really big domestic cat? Credit: Pen News

He said: “My wife says a Savannah cat but I'm determined it was a lynx.

“It looked like a leopard cub that was just growing up.”

Now, Morgan's fully convinced that there are big cats roaming around in the British countryside.

“Now I've seen this, yes, 100% I believe there is,” he said.

To any doubters, Morgan added: “I'd say come down to Rassau and come have a look yourself, because trust me they'll be turning around and running away,

“I'm lucky because I was in my car because otherwise I'd have run for miles; I wouldn't have looked back either.”

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Tom Wood
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