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Biggest Ever EuroMillions Jackpot Up For Grabs Tomorrow

Biggest Ever EuroMillions Jackpot Up For Grabs Tomorrow

The winner could instantly become richer than Harry Styles or Adele

One lucky lottery player could make history tomorrow by winning the biggest jackpot ever on the EuroMillions game.

Picture the scene: you're sat having a cup of tea or a glass of wine after a day at work, when the EuroMillions results are announced.

One by one the numbers match up, and all of a sudden you have more money than most people could dream of making in their lifetime.

The EuroMillions jackpot is bigger than ever before.

The jackpot reached a new high after the draw on Tuesday came up empty, meaning the £186 million prize wasn't claimed.

As a result the EuroMillions prize was added to Friday’s super jackpot draw, with a whopping £191 million jackpot now up for grabs.

The winner of such an amount would instantly have a worth greater than Harry Styles or Adele, who are worth £100m and £150m respectively, according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

The prize is also a cool £184m more than what's up for grabs for the Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles titles at Wimbledon, so you can rest easy if you never had any hopes of winning that competition.

If one UK winner manages to secure the entire jackpot they would immediately become the UK’s biggest-ever winner; a record which hit a new high just two months ago when Joe and Jess Thwaite won £184m.

The jackpot will be capped if no winner is found.

However, if no winner is announced, the jackpot is capped after reaching €230m (£195m), which is estimated to be reached tomorrow. At that point, players matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star number can expect bigger prizes.

If there's still no winner, the jackpot will stay at €230m for a further four draws until it has to be won in the fifth draw.

With 14 people in the UK having already secured a lottery win over £100m, Andy Carter, senior winners’ adviser at The National Lottery, said: “I knew my team had been busy with big winners but I didn’t realise what an amazing run of EuroMillions luck the UK has had.

“It’s great to travel to every corner of the country making new millionaires, and we know that EuroMillions makes the biggest winners.

"These dream-come-true jackpots not only transform the lives of the winners but also enable them to support the friends, family and communities around them.

"I hope we are again celebrating reaching the top of the league table after Tuesday’s draw and we look forward to supporting any big UK winners we create.”

Make sure to triple check your tickets if you're hoping to be in the company of millionaires like Styles and Adele.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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