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Britain's Biggest-Ever Lottery Winners Explain What They're Going To Spend Jackpot On

Britain's Biggest-Ever Lottery Winners Explain What They're Going To Spend Jackpot On

They've landed £184 million, so the world really is their oyster

Britain's biggest-ever lottery winners have revealed how they're going to splash their cash.

Joe and Jess Thwaite, from Gloucestershire, were the grateful recipients of the £184 million EuroMillions jackpot, which has obviously drastically reshaped their lives.

The couple married 11 years ago and have two primary school-age children together, while Joe also has two children at university from a previous marriage.

The 49-year-old works as a communications sales engineer, while 44-year-old Jess manages the business side of a hairdressing salon she runs with her sister.

They both turned up for work on the day they found out they'd become the best part of £200 million richer – though Joe has understandably already handed in his notice.

Now, they've got their sights set on Hawaii.

Joe's already handed in his notice.

According to ITV, Jess said: "When we told our youngest two children, 'If you could have anything in the world now that we have this money, what would you want?', both of them said a holiday.

"We don't go on holiday, they have ponies and everything goes into them.

"So my youngest said she wants to go to Hawaii... She's been talking about Hawaii for two years – and when we said she could go to Hawaii she was just jumping up and down with joy.

"Our eldest wants to go to America and do a ranch drive on a pony. She is obsessed with her pony – and now we can invite the rest of our family to do those with us. That's the most important thing for us."

Yes, that's right, the winners of the £184 million jackpot already had ponies. Life is not fair.

And they're not even sure about upgrading to a new mega mansion, as they only recently moved into a new home.

Asked if their house was still their 'forever home' now they have landed the jackpot, Jess said: "We don't know. I don't know. It was our dream. It was our absolute dream to have the ponies at home.

"We could do the house up how we wanted it and make the couple of changes that we want to put our stamp on the place.

"But I think we've got some time and bit more room to dream."

Oh how we all wish it was us holding that massive cheque.

As for what his ex-wife thought of the big win, Joe said: "Of course, I had to let her know about this. I spoke to her and she's over the moon for us.

"I had a long call with her – because obviously putting the children through university… she was over the moon, absolutely over the moon for them and what this can mean for the children going forwards."

Yeah, we're all over the moon for you guys as well – and not in the least bit jealous.

You can read about why they decided to go public about hitting the jackpot here.

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