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Bill Gates reveals the one conspiracy theory people stop him on the street and accuse him of

Bill Gates reveals the one conspiracy theory people stop him on the street and accuse him of

People are *still* accusing him of this

Bill Gates has been at the centre of a fair few conspiracy theories over the years.

For example, some believe he 'orchestrated' the entire Covid-19 pandemic for his own financial gain, then there was the one about him 'microchipping' members of the public with vaccines.

And let's not forget the theory about Gates buying up farmland in the States to 'starve' Americans.

Bill Gates has been at the centre of a few conspiracy theories.
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But now, Gates, 68, has spoken out about one conspiracy theory that he was actually stopped on the street for.

Speaking on The Rest Is Politics podcast, Gates explained: "You almost have to laugh you know, lady, why would I want to know where you are?

"I mean, really, is that how I spend my time? Tracking you?

"... Somebody coming up to me on the street - which has happened several times - and saying that I've chipped them and I'm following them around.

"Like saying that I profit from vaccines or that vaccines - instead of saving millions of lives actually are bad for children.

"That's a total reversal. Or I own 1/4000 of the farmland in the US... what can you do with a 1/4000 share?"

Gates joked: "At least in my math I have a hard time pulling off a conspiracy unless you get up to at least two or three 4000ths."

Gates spoke about the theory he was stopped for.

Gates explained that he has people who track the conspiracy theories to see if they're getting out of hand.

"If they get broad enough, then you want to respond," he added.

The theory about Gates 'chipping' people came about during the coronavirus pandemic.

Discussed during a Reddit thread with Gates himself, some people believe the Microsoft co-founder is 'trying to take control of the human population by injecting chips in them through vaccines'.

Gates himself shut down the speculation about his involvement in the pandemic and vaccines when he responded to the Reddit user, explaining: "In 2015 I spoke out about my fears a pandemic would come up and cause tens of millions of deaths.

"My foundation funds vaccine research to save lives. I spend billions on vaccines and I am proud they have helped cut under 5 deaths in half over the last 20 years (from 10 percent to 5 percent). The idea of chips in the vaccines doesn't make sense."

Responding to Gates' answer, one Reddit user pointed out there would be a much simpler way to track billions of people if he really wanted to, writing: "And why use vaccines when we all are carrying phones…"

Very true.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/The Rest Is Politics/Thierry Monasse/Getty Images

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