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Viewers feel sorry for bishop dropping paper right in front of Queen's coffin

Joe Harker

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Viewers feel sorry for bishop dropping paper right in front of Queen's coffin

People watching the Queen's funeral felt especially sorry for the unlucky bishop who dropped a piece of paper on the floor during the ceremony. You can watch the moment unfold below:


While every aspect of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II has been planned right down to the most meticulous detail, at every big event there's always something which goes wrong.

Problems are factored into the plans, with Royal Navy members ready to carry away a police officer who collapsed on duty as the Queen's funeral was ongoing.


The eyes of the world are peeled for anything which looks out of place, like that spider that got onto the coffin that had everyone scared it was going to infest the crown.

When the whole world is watching and you've got a job to do, any error is going to be immortalised in the memories of millions.

Spare a thought then for the poor bishop who took a moment to adjust his glasses and ended up dropping one of his papers, leaving him with the agonising choice between leaving it on the ground or breaking ranks to pick it up.


People spotted the mistake right away, though it was quite hard not to considering the Queen's funeral is one of the most widely watched TV events in history.

The unlucky bishop was standing right in front of the Queen's coffin when he reached up to adjust his glasses, and one misbehaving piece of paper slid out of his grasp and fluttered to the ground.

It landed just a few paces in front of him, too far for him to quickly crouch down and grab it but much too close for it to be anyone else's problem but his.


Viewers spotted the poor bishop's plight immediately, some taking to social media to commiserate with his predicament and others to joke about his misfortune.

During the funeral Twitter got very excited about the dilemma he faced, with the internet on tenterhooks waiting to see if he'd break ranks and make a lunge for the paper or not.


One person wrote 'the world is staring at a piece of paper on the floor', while many sympathised with his dilemma of 'will he grab it or leave it'.

Others noticed that he dropped the paper right as the camera was zooming in on the Queen's coffin, essentially zooming in on his mistake at the exact same time.


Another said 'I'd literally die on the spot' if they'd been the one who dropped something while the whole world was watching.

Luckily for everyone after a while it looked like the paper had disappeared while the camera was looking elsewhere, sparing the poor bishop further embarrassment.

However, other eagle eyed viewers spotted that the bishop didn't appear to be in his seat, prompting a few to wonder if he'd been disappeared from the ceremony.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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Joe Harker
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