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Viewers shocked at seeing spider running across card on Queen's coffin

Viewers shocked at seeing spider running across card on Queen's coffin

The insect was spotted by an eagle-eyed viewer of the late monarch's funeral.

Viewers of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral today (19 September) were shocked to see a spider crawling across a card on the late monarch's coffin.

Unbelievable footage of the insect 'taking a ride' on the Queen's coffin was shared to social media, showing the coffin as it was brought into Westminster Abbey.

A screenshot of the insect on the card was also posted to Twitter by an eagle-eyed viewer who wrote: "bro there's a spider running across the card on the queen's coffin."

A spider was spotted on a card on the Queen's coffin.
Twitter / @returningsoul

However, they were far from the only social media user to comment on the insect.

Another added: "Whoever left the #interflora card on the queen's flowers didn’t notice, what is now, the worlds most famous spider [sic]."

"Did anyone else see the spider on the Queen's coffin or was it just me?" asked a third.

A fourth wrote in all caps: "NOT THE SPIDER ON QUEEN ELIZABETHS CROWN [sic]."

"Did anyone else see the spider crawling across the card on the flowers?" asked a fifth. "The Queen would have [been] happy she loves Nature [sic]."

"The Queen and the spider. That's a book title right there," wrote a sixth while a seventh added: "There was a spider on The Queen's Coffin. As a spider fan, I am elated! Luckiest Spider in the world!"

An eighth speculated: "If I was carrying the queen's coffin and saw that spider, I don't even care I'm dropping her and running away."

King Charles and members of the royal family following the Queen's remains.
PA / Danny Lawson

Queen Elizabeth II's funeral is currently taking place at Westminster Abbey after the UK's longest reigning monarch passed away on 8 September in Balmoral, Scotland.

The late monarch previously lay in state at Westminster Hall for four days after her body was flown down from Scotland on a military plane on 13 September. 

It rested in Buckingham Palace for a night before it was transported to Westminster Hall via the gun carriage that brought the Queen's remains to today's ceremony. 

After today's funeral, the Queen's remains will be taken to Windsor, where she will be interred alongside her late husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, at St George's chapel.

This will be done following a 'deeply personal' private service for her family.

A senior palace official said: "The service and burial will be entirely private, given it is a deeply personal family occasion."

Following the Queen's State Funeral, a two minute's silence will be held in the UK at 11.55am.

Featured Image Credit: Sky News

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