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Mysterious 'dragon' skull washes up on UK beach and sends internet into overdrive

Mysterious 'dragon' skull washes up on UK beach and sends internet into overdrive

A Reddit user posted a photo of the rather unique bones after stumbling across them at Bridlington beach in Yorkshire.

A ‘dragon skull’ posted to Reddit has sent shock waves across the internet, with many believing it to be the actual skeletal remains of the mythological creature.

A Reddit user by the name ‘u/Duckbats’, posted the image of the unique skull they found on Bridlington beach in Yorkshire.

As the gnarly bones looked like something right out of House of the Dragonmany users were stunned by the discovery.

One user wrote: “This is why no-one believes experts anymore. Clearly Draconian in origin.”

Another commented: “Dragon pelvis.”

A third person said: "I’m with everyone else. Definitely a dragon."

Another wrote: "I’m a palaeontologist, that’s undoubtedly a dragon."

While another shared: “It's a [sea] gull pelvis.”

And honestly, after some hard Googling into ‘what a gull pelvis looks like’, this definitely is the most plausible option.

Seriously, Google it. And apologises to all you mythological creature-loving hopefuls out there.

However, this isn’t the first head-turning discovery made on the shores this year as in May, a six-year-old boy stumbled across a three million-year-old megalodon shark tooth.

Daily Mail reported that​​ Sammy Shelton found the four-inch tooth while exploring Bawdsey Beach in Suffolk, which has a reputation as being a bit of a hot spot for fossil hunters.


Sammy’s dad Peter Shelton, a retired doctor from Bradwell, Norfolk, revealed his son was so delighted by his discovery that he now sleeps with the tooth next to his bed.

He said: “Really we were looking for interesting shells on the beach but instead we got this megalodon tooth.

“It was huge and very heavy. I knew what it was but it wasn't until I took it to others looking on the beach that I realised the significance.

“There was one guy down there who's been looking all his life for a megalodon tooth and never found anything of this size.”

Peter also revealed that Sammy has taken the megalodon fossil into school to amuse his friends and has even received an explorer badge from his local Beavers group thanks to his brilliant beach discovery.

I mean, that’s one hell of a show and tell. I’d hate to be the kid following him.

Evolutionary biologist Ben Garrod shared with the Great Yarmouth Mercury that Sammy is the first to touch the tooth in almost three million years.

He added: “He is handling the tooth of the largest ever predatory shark and one that will be of interest to the whole palaeontology community.”

Featured Image Credit: u/Duckbats/Reddit. Netflix

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