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'Britain's fastest cop' hasn't lost a footrace in six years

'Britain's fastest cop' hasn't lost a footrace in six years

Essex police reckon they've got the fastest cop in Britain

Essex Police say they've got 'Britain's quickest cop' in the form of PC Luke Watson, a man who hasn't lost a race for six years and doesn't plan to start losing any time soon.

They took to Twitter to share footage of PC Watson, who is currently an acting sergeant for their Waltham Abbey Town Team, chasing down a bunch of suspected car thieves.

He's running down roads to catch suspected stolen vehicles and chasing suspects down on foot, managing to round up the potential baddies before they can make an escape.

It's all a bit Hot Fuzz really, especially in one part where he hops over someone's garden fences to apprehend a fleeing suspect, though PC Watson gets some extra style points for climbing on top of a car to do it.

Essex Police say in PC Watson's six years with them he's got a 100 percent success record on foot, meaning there's no criminal in the Essex area who has yet been able to outrun him.

"What's the matter, Danny? Never taken a shortcut before?"

By the way criminals of the Essex area (thank you for reading), this is not meant as an invitation to try and outrun the police and their supercop, what you're doing is very naughty so please hand yourselves in.

People are absolutely loving this bodycam footage showing Britain's fastest cop chasing people down, taking to social media to show their appreciation for PC Watson.

They said he was an 'amazing officer' who was doing 'great work' and joked that 'Usain Bolt's got competition'.

Another police officer was a bit envious of PC Watson's speed on foot, joking that Luke makes it look easy while admitting they 'probably sound like a dying whale when I do it'.

Plenty picked up on the Hot Fuzz angle and started making references to one of the finest comedy movies of all time, posting GIFs of the moment when Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) leaps over several garden fences in pursuit of a suspect.

Essex Police say PC Luke Wilson is yet to let a suspect escape on foot in his six years with them.

Given how quick he is there's little doubt that he'd have the swan caught and returned to Peter Ian Staker (Stephen Merchant) in no time.

Others reckoned there was more of the T-1000 (Robert Patrick) from Terminator 2 about him, especially given his ability to chase down cars on the road, though as far as we can tell he's not made of living metal and can't turn his knives into hands.

He was dubbed 'the UK's very own Terminator', though someone else less inclined to make a movie reference simply called him a 'credit to the uniform'.

Marc Canaur of the Channel 4 show Hunted joked that he'd like to get PC Watson 'on a free loan' so he could play a part in the show.

Then again, given his speed he might take all jeopardy out of the programme.

Featured Image Credit: Essex Police

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