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The most common New Year's resolution for 2024, according to new statistics

The most common New Year's resolution for 2024, according to new statistics

A third of Brits are planning on setting New Year's resolutions for 2024

We’ve all survived another year and can finally say goodbye to 2023 as we usher in a brand new year.

And if you’re dead set on making 2024 your year, then you might be considering planning on setting yourself some New Year’s resolutions - whether you’re hoping to quit vaping, take it easy on the booze or get yourself in shape, you won’t be alone.

As new data from Forbes Advisor has revealed that a third of Brits are planning on making some resolutions this January, while a further eight percent say they’re undecided. There’s no time like the present, guys.

The data shows that younger folks - aged 18 to 34 - are the most likely to set New Year’s resolutions, with more than half (51 percent) planning to set at least one. This drops to just 12 percent of people aged 55 and above - I guess, they’ve had enough time to improve themselves, eh?

Scousers are the most keen to set a New Year’s resolution with 40 percent, while Londoners are in second place with 36 percent saying they’ll be looking to improve themselves in 2024, Newcastle and Edinburgh jointly follow close behind on 33 percent.

Getting in more exercise is the most popular New Year’s resolution for Brits for 2024.
Pexels/Taryn Elliott

When it comes to the most popular resolutions, it will probably come as absolutely no surprise to anyone that committing to more exercise came in the top spot with 40 percent of Brits planning to stick to this. Good luck January gym goers, I’m thinking of you all.

The second most common - popular with 35 percent of people - was weight loss, while 33 percent of people want to eat more healthily.

Health and wellbeing remained a pretty popular theme with 13 percent of people saying they want to lower the amount of alcohol they drink and 11 percent vowing to pack in smoking.

Cutting down on smoking and drinking were popular choices, too.
Pexels/Diego Indriago

While 24 percent hope to reduce their stress and 22 are aiming to enhance their emotional well-being.

Aside from our health, people - 31 percent, in fact - say that tackling their financial goals is their resolution heading into 2024.

When asked how they plan on sticking to their goals, most Brits said they would plan achievable and realistic goals, which is top advice.

According to Harvard Medical School, you should ‘dream big’ but then ‘think tiny’ and break down your goals into smaller steps that all get you on your way to where you want to be.

Oh and Happy New Year, guys!

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