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Busker praised for his way of dealing with woman who attempted to grab mic

Busker praised for his way of dealing with woman who attempted to grab mic

Social media users have praised the singer for keeping his cool

A busker has been praised for the way he handled an irate member of the public who attempted to grab his microphone off him.

Musician Jason Allan was out busking in Birmingham when he had a run in with some women who were not happy about the price of the CDs he was flogging. Oh and £10 for one, £15 for two or all three for £20, if you’re interested. You can see how it went down here:

In a clip shared on TikTok, Allan - or @imjasonallan - said he was ‘assaulted by an angry Karen’ who was less than impressed with him trying to charge for his CDs.

In the footage, the woman, who is off camera, can be heard questioning the pricing and, somewhat bizarrely, asking: “The world is suffering and you’re trying to charge people £20 because you sang?

“You’re not even famous.”

After explaining his pricing system, Allan adds: “So just an FYI - no one has to buy the CDs, but thank you for your opinion anyway.”

The woman was unhappy about the price of his CDs.

“Can everyone say bye? Round of applause for that lady everyone. Bye. Bye. Have fun in life with that way of thinking. I’m sure it serves you really well.

"Lots of friends, yeah? Nice one. Invited to many parties? No? Weird. Invitation get lost in the post? Yeah? See you later.”

At this point the woman approaches and asks: “Do you think you’re bad because you’ve got a mic? What if I take the mic?” and lunges to grab the microphone out of Allan’s hands.

The singer is able to grapple it back and as the irate woman walks off he adds: “Ladies and gentlemen, a k**bhead. See you later. Jeremy Kyle studios are down that way, love.”

Speaking to someone directly he then adds: “The term is ‘clapped’, I believe.”

The busker has been praised for how he handled the situation.

Allan’s cool composure while under pressure was praised on social media, where the clip has been viewed almost 100,000 times and flooded with comments.

One follower wrote: “This just makes me wanna [buy] your CDs now. You handled yourself very professionally here. Props to you. You have my respect and support 100 percent.”

Another said: “You handled that with such grace AND you confronted her. Teach me the way Master!”

While a third commented: “You handled this so well. Some people are just sad and miserable.”

Someone else suggested: “If singing doesn't work out, stand up comedy should be your next gig cause you roasted her pretty darn well on the spot.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@imjasonallan

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