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Cambridge Student Who Went Back Home To Fight In Ukraine To Study Remotely

Cambridge Student Who Went Back Home To Fight In Ukraine To Study Remotely

Nikolai Nizalov is prepared to stay in Ukraine until the country defeats Russia

A Cambridge University fresher from Ukraine plans to continue his studies remotely after returning to his home country to join the fight against Putin.

Nikolai Nizalov moved to the UK from Ukraine in 2013 but returned via car towards the end of March, after more than a month of fighting in the country.

The 19-year-old student, who is studying natural sciences, joined a nine-man volunteer platoon and has vowed to stay in the country until Ukraine defeats Russia.


He will work primarily as a medic throughout the war effort, but plans to continue studying, watching lectures and even to take exams remotely to ensure he doesn't fall behind when the university returns from its Easter break next month.

"I've brought my lectures with me that I need to watch. I'll try to keep up with them with the little spare time I have. I might sit my exam in May remotely," Nizalov said.

"Ideally I'll come back for second year in October but I'm not going to leave until we win."

Nizalov noted he can apply for 'special permission' to pass into his second year even if he doesn't get a great mark during his first year of studies.

The student and his platoon are set to travel towards Kyiv next week. Only some of the volunteers, who are aged up to their thirties, have military experience, but Nizalov will be given a rifle for his own protection despite having no combat experience.

Nizalov has joined a platoon of volunteers.

He is also set to help the efforts by operating a drone which will drop humanitarian supplies to Ukrainians in areas hindered by Russian military positions.

Despite the threat of ongoing war, the student has said he feels 'much calmer' now that he is back in his home country.

"When I was in Cambridge it was weird because my country was at war and people were going on with their normal lives," he explained.

"I have friends on the frontlines and I wouldn't be able to look them in the eye if I didn't help out. In Ukraine we are all together and I feel much more at peace. My parents obviously didn't want me to go but they understood why I wanted to - and I didn't give them much choice."

Nizalov plans to study remotely while in Ukraine.

Originally from Mykolaiv, in southern Ukraine, Nizalov is currently living at a friend's house in the western city of Lviv as he prepares to move out with his platoon.

Just days after playing a varsity water polo match against Oxford University, the 19-year-old undertook an intensive medical course to prepare him to work as a medic and head closer to the frontlines.

He has launched a fundraiser to support his volunteer unit, and has already managed to raise enough money to buy two 4x4 vehicles that will be used to transport the platoon.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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