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Cannabis could make women have multiple orgasms, study finds

Cannabis could make women have multiple orgasms, study finds

Researchers believe the findings could help with further investigations into the links between cannabis and sex

A new study has found that there could be some unexpected side effects from smoking cannabis.

Over the years, advocates for the drug have waxed lyrical about the plethora of reasons as to why it should be legalised.

Usually, they point to things like helping those who suffer from chronic pain or who have mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

However, researchers at East Carolina University and North Carolina State University have now found that weed could also improve a person's sex life.

According to their new study, cannabis users experienced more intense orgasms while high.

Hundreds of people claimed that weed has improved their sex lives.
Denys Kovtun/Alamy

Researchers asked 811 participants aged 18 to 85 years old questions regarding their sex lives and cannabis use.

Incredibly, over 70 per cent of people, both female and male, reported experiencing increased sexual desire and overall intensity while baked.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Cannabis Research this month, also noted that some of the women involved claimed to have experienced an "increased ability to have more than one orgasm per sexual encounter".

According to the piece, over half of those involved said that they intentionally smoked weed before sex.

Some women say that weed has allowed them to achieve multiple orgasms.

However, before you all get too excited, the researchers pointed out that this wasn't a bullet proof survey.

For example, there were no comparative results from people who aren't cannabis users, and it wasn't clear how much cannabis each respondent had taken when having sex.

And, as with any kind of drug, there is also the an element of the placebo effect.

The study explains: "Those who reported intentionally using cannabis before sex had significantly higher scale scores than those who reported unintentionally using cannabis before sex.

"This can be interpreted as those who intentionally used cannabis before sex perceived a greater benefit to their sexual functioning and satisfaction compared to those who do not intentionally use cannabis before sex.

Scientists believe the study's findings could help further investigation into the link between cannabis and sex.
Konstantin Kolosov/Alamy

"These results may be because of the mental mindset that using cannabis will increase pleasure due to the aphrodisiac notions of cannabis rather than a true physiological effect."

The team did note, though, that there was the possibility that the relaxing qualities of cannabis may have impacted 'reducing inhibitions' and 'increasing desire' of the participants.

People also said that their taste and touch was also heightened while under the influence, which may have had an effect on their sexual encounters.

The study said: "The enhancement of taste and touch could increase overall sexual functioning and satisfaction because these are two senses that are heavily used during sexual intercourse."

Despite its flaws, researchers believe the results will help them with further investigations into the topic.

Featured Image Credit: Felipe Rodriguez/Zoonar GmbH/Alamy

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