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Council comes under fire for filling potholes for King Charles’ visit

Council comes under fire for filling potholes for King Charles’ visit

Cardiff Council is coming under fire from residents for a tidy-up job upon King Charles' visit

A local council has come under fire for a major tidy-up job ahead of the impending visit of King Charles III and the Queen Consort Camilla.

Cardiff Council is preparing for the royal visit on Friday (16 September) by filling in potholes, pulling out weeds and resurfacing roads in the Welsh capital.

Teams from the council have been busy in recent days giving the area around Llandaff Cathedral a refresh ahead Friday.

However, residents have complained about the makeover, with some questioning whether the clean-up would have happened if it wasn't for the visit of the new King and Queen Consort.

Preparations are underway in Cardiff for the visit of King Charles.
WalesOnline/Rob Browne

One angry resident wrote: "I asked the council if they could repair a 50-metre stretch of road where I live that has not been resurfaced in 40 years - but for someone who comes here for a few hours road repairs done pronto.... still waiting for an answer."

While a second added: "I wish King Charles would tour the entire Vale of Glamorgan, where this once beautiful county now has more craters than the moon and weeds destroying what's left of pavements."

Josephine Hirst, a Cathedral Green resident, told WalesOnline: "I wish the King was coming to visit every week and then lots of other problems could be sorted."

She added that she thought the Queen was 'remarkable', but she was sure King Charles 'will be just as good in a different way'.

Cardiff Council has defended its decision for the makeover, saying it is the standard procedure for such improvements to happen with 'high profile visits'.

A spokesperson said: "These resources have been relocated to Llandaff so that the council can prepare for the up and coming visit of their Majesties, King Charles III and The Queen Consort Camilla, visiting Cardiff on Friday, September 16.

King Charles and the Queen Consort will visit the Welsh capital on Friday.
ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy Stock Photo

"This is standard practice for all large, high profile visits in Cardiff to ensure the city is ready to host what is a historic event that many of us will never see again in our lifetime."

Despite the complaints, many of the local residents and businesses are looking forward to the visit of King Charles III and the Queen Consort.

Michelle Palmer and Katy Penny of flower and gift shop Garlands on Llandaff High Street have watched the council in recent days make the necessarily improvements for the royal visit.

Michelle says she is planning to come into work on Friday to witness the event, saying: "It’s prompted me to want to come into work because it’s a spectacle. It’s something completely different – I just want to see it. I’m just coming to watch."

Katy added: “We don’t always get a lot of stuff in Cardiff. It’s obviously very rare for someone from the Royal Family to show up."

Michelle Palmer (left) and Katy Penny (right) of Garlands, Llandaff High Street are looking forward to the Royal visit.
WalesOnline/Rob Browne

The royal couple are expected to arrive at Llandaff Cathedral on Friday (16 September) for a service of prayer and reflection.

The service will be attended by senior faith leaders from communities across Cardiff.

King Charles and the Queen Consort will then visit the Welsh Parliament, the Senedd, for a Motion of Condolence.

That will then be followed by a reception at Cardiff Castle - this will include a private audience with the King for the First Minister and the Presiding Officer of the Senedd, Elin Jones

Featured Image Credit: Doug Peters/Alamy/WalesOnline/Rob Browne

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