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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Joseph Baena Looks Just Like His Dad

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Joseph Baena Looks Just Like His Dad

Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Joseph Baena looks as though he's trying to give his famous dad a run for his money in the muscle stakes.

The 22-year-old posted on his Instagram Stories to show off his muscles after a recent round of cryotherapy to help aid his recovery after workouts.

Baena wore a black mask, boxers and gloves as he posed following his cryotherapy and wrote: "Post leg-day recovery! The best in the biz @musclelabla!"


He struck a few body-building poses, in which he looked like an absolute dead ringer for his dad.

Seemingly keen to follow in his dad's body-building footsteps, Baena, who works as a real estate assistant, had fans doing a double take earlier this year after he shared some snaps of himself posing in some of Arnie's iconic poses.

Posting the picture on Instagram, Joseph wrote: "Perfect time to practise some posing."

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Perfect time to practice some posing!
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And his followers couldn't believe how similar he looked to the former Mr Olympia, with one saying: "This is complete madness, you look just like your father. I thought I had gone back in time for a minute!"

Another asked: "What in the Arnold 2.0 is going on?!"

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While a third wrote: "Good pose, just like your dad."

Meanwhile, his dad is pretty impressed with his son's efforts in the gym.


Speaking to Extra's Mario Lopez at his Arnold Pro Strongman USA event, Schwarzenegger proudly said his son was training 'very hard'.

The Terminator actor said: "He is very serious about this whole thing. He wants to compete in one of the classic physique competitions.

"I don't think he wants to go to the extreme, but he wants to do the classic physique competitions and he's looking forward to that and he's training very hard."

He's also on hand to help encourage his son and pushed him to hit a new personal best in the gym.

Credit: Instagram/Joseph Baena
Credit: Instagram/Joseph Baena

"We were in the gym and did the shoulder training and the arm training - 'let's go over there and do a little deadlift', because I'm a big believer in training also for strength," he said.

"I put in 455, which he has never lifted before, and he did two reps.

"I saw him doing the first one, it was not too much of a struggle, so I said, 'Come on, do a second one! Go for the second one! Come on Joseph.'"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Muscle Lab

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