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Cardi B Accuses Celebrities Of Causing 'Confusion' Around Coronavirus

Cardi B Accuses Celebrities Of Causing 'Confusion' Around Coronavirus

She said that celebrities are causing ordinary people to feel more worried

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Cardi B has taken a pop at celebrities who have been shouting about their coronavirus test results on social media, accusing them of causing 'confusion'.

Although the singer is known for her outspoken personality, this time, people have heaped praise on to her, with followers agreeing that other celebrities have been part of the panic surrounding the outbreak.

Various celebrities have revealed that they have tested positive for the highly contagious virus, which is at the middle of the global pandemic.

But Cardi thinks that it's unfair that rich celebs who have paid for the test, and then said they tested positive with no symptoms, have been flouting their diagnosis, while ordinary people are not being tested unless they are in certain vulnerable groups.

Sharing the video with the caption: "I said what I said," Cardi stated: "People that work regular jobs, people that get regular paychecks, the middle class, the poor, they not getting treated like celebrities. They're not getting their f***ing coronavirus results the next day."

She continued: "Not everybody have the luxury to go in they f***ing bedroom and to go in a big-ass house and just stay away from people. A lot of people live in small-ass apartments with multiple people. So it's like, if you're sending me home and I have the corona-f***ing-virus, I'm most likely gonna give it to my spouse, my kids, anybody that's around me."

Laying into fellow A-Listers, who have been less-than-discreet when testing positive for the infection, she went on: "A lot of celebrities have the luxury to pay $34,000 or whatever the f*** it costs to get tested and get treated. A lot of these people, they don't f***ing have that money. Some people don't even have enough money to f***ing afford healthcare."

Instagram/Cardi B

Cardi has been praised from all angles on social media, with many pointing out that she is the only celebrity who has made a point of understanding what the general public are going through amid the spread of the diseaese.

One person quote-tweeted the video, saying: "The fact that Cardi B flawlessly covered the topics of privilege, out of touch celebrity culture, flaws in Trump's response to COVID, and the merits of universal healthcare all in a four minute video is truly incredible."

Another gave an absolute mic drop of a reply, commenting: "A lot of people are sleeping on Cardi. Everything she has been saying is 1) funny but 2) the truth.

"Dear Celebrities, we are overjoyed that you can get tested, but please stop getting on social media acting like it's the same for the rest of us.

"It isn't. People are unemployed and sick as f. Last thing they wanna do is hop on social media and see a celebrity posting from the west wing of their mansion while their family is in the east wing.

"It's glamorising a pandemic. There's not a god damn thing glam about it."

Clap hands emojis for you, my friend.

Let's all bring some positivity, support and fun to anyone who might find themselves in isolation as a result of the coronavirus spread. Need some entertainment? Join Isolation Nation:

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Cardi B

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