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Lana Rhoades Says She Has 'Proof' We're Living In A Simulation

Lana Rhoades Says She Has 'Proof' We're Living In A Simulation

It's not clear whether or not the former adult film star knows what 'proof' means

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

The computer simulation theory has attracted the attention of some of the most revolutionary minds of our time - Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, award-winning astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and now... none other than Lana Rhoades. Watch her explain her theory here:

Yes, the former adult film star has chimed in on the highly debated idea, arguing that astrology is proof not only that our reality has a creator, but whoever they are got a bit lazy with the coding.

Taking to TikTok to explain, Lana told her 626,000 followers: "If astrology is real, I think it's proof that we're living in a simulation.

"I personally find astrology and zodiacs to be extremely accurate, solely based off my own experience."

Lana argued that the 12 zodiac signs and their personality traits assigned to each one are solid evidence supporting the concept, adding:

"A lot of people will agree, if you're a Virgo you have Virgo personality traits. If you're a Libra you have Libra personality traits.

"If you don't believe in astrology then just ignore this, but people who do, this might make sense to you.

"It kind of seems like the designer or creator of this simulation got a little bit lazy and didn't want to have to design an individual personality for each person.

"So they came up with the coding or the system, if you're born in this month or this month you get this personality.

"I don't know, it seems a little suss to me."

For those not in the know, the computer simulation theory - also known as the simulation hypothesis - is basically a concept for how the universe came to be.

People who agree will argue that everything in the current existence we know could actually be a virtual reality situated inside a computer.

Just think of The Matrix.

Not only does Lana support this theory, but she also reckons she received further proof when discovering she was pregnant.

In a recent episode of the podcast 3 Girls 1 Kitchen, Lana elaborated on her hypothesis.

After stating that she 'loves the simulation theory', the social media star received a fair bit of flak for her ideas.

But she didn't give up, telling the co-hosts: "You're telling someone who literally went to a psychic that told them that they were pregnant and then they went home and they were pregnant.

"She said that me or someone very close to me was about to be pregnant and that it would bring a lot of joy into my life. What is the coincidence?

"Also it wasn't even just that; I had told you guys prior that my TikTok tarot card readings were saying I was pregnant as well all month when I was like 'there's just no way'."

Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?
Instagram/Lana Rhoades

How you take Lana's conjecture will very much depend on your standing on the subject matter, astrology included.

But if you fall into the camp of 'it's a load of old crap', you might take it more seriously when you see some of the great thinkers defending its cause.

Elon Musk, for example, previously said that there is only a 'one in billions' chance that our universe is not a program on someone else's hard drive.

While attending Code Conference back in 2016, the billionaire tech owner explained how we may already not be able to tell reality apart from a game.

"The strongest argument for us being in a simulation is the following - that 40 years ago we had [early video game] Pong, like, two rectangles and a dot, that was what games were," he said.

"Now, 40 years later, we have photorealistic 3D simulations with millions of people playing simultaneously and it's getting better every year, and soon we will have virtual reality or augmented reality.

"If you assume any rate of improvement at all, then the games will become indistinguishable from reality."

Similarly, Neil deGrasse Tyson estimated the odds to be at around 50-50, telling Scientific American: "I think the likelihood may be very high."

The director of New York's Hayden Planetarium highlighted the fact that humans and chimpanzees share about 98 percent of our DNA, and yet we're considerably more intelligent than our primate counterparts.

Tyson explained that we could be the equivalent to another group of beings, stating: "We would be drooling, blithering idiots in their presence.

"If that's the case, it is easy for me to imagine that everything in our lives is just a creation of some other entity for their entertainment."

Perhaps the most convincing 'evidence' is the Mandela Effect, a term coined in 2009 by paranormal consultant Fiona Broome to describe the collective misremembering of common events.

The namesake is a reference to the most commonly known occurrence of this type whereby a group of people thought the activist and intellectual Nelson Mandela had died in prison during the 1980s.

Although some, including Broome, even claimed to remember watching his funeral on TV, Mandela was actually freed in 1990 and he only died in 2013.

Since the term was coined, many such examples have been surfacing on the internet, the latest being the mistaken memory that the Monopoly Man wore a monocle (he didn't).

Was this a glitch in the Matrix? Are we simply characters in someone else's game? Did the tarot cards really predict Lana Rhoades' pregnancy?

The jury's out on this one and, unfortunately, we may not find out until it's time for us to pass onto the other side.

The question is, if we do find out before then, will you choose the red pill or the blue pill?

Words by Daisy Phillipson

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Lana Rhoades

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