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Man's Hike Gets Interrupted As Tom Cruise Lands Helicopter Behind Him

Man's Hike Gets Interrupted As Tom Cruise Lands Helicopter Behind Him

Andras Katica was enjoying a walk in the Lake District when the Hollywood actor emerged from a helicopter

Simon Catling

Simon Catling

A hiker in the Lake District was stunned to bump into a skydiving Tom Cruise while on his walk. You can watch the encounter below:

Andras Katica was enjoying a hike in the natural beauty spot when his gaze was drawn to the skies thanks to a helicopter hovering overhead.

The stunned man watched on as the chopper landed not far from him before a group of men burst out of it - including none other than Hollywood superstar Cruise himself.

Was Andras about to be the subject of an extreme Scientology recruitment drive? No, because Cruise then proceeded to carry out a parachute jump.

It was all part of the filming he is doing for his upcoming film Mission Impossible 7.

Andras Katica and his friend Tutyi bumped into Tom Cruise.

Andras, who was hiking with his pal Tutyi, told the Sun: "I certainly wasn't expecting to bump into Tom Cruise during my hike.

"When I realised who it was I was obviously totally flabbergasted.

"But he was really friendly and offered to have his picture taken. He looked like he was having a great time but was also clearly involved in some serious work for the filming."

Andras then said: "By the time he parachuted away there was a little crowd gathered but Tom didn't show any sign of nerves.

"He obviously loves the thrill of being involved in his own stunts."

WTS Media

Colleagues with Cruise said they were in the area testing a new 'prototype wing'.

Earlier this week, it was revealed how the actor's production team reportedly KO'd an entire field of cows as a result of beefing up security while filming MI7.

The actor had been performing more parachute jumps in the Lake District and scrambling devices were used to prevent drones interfering - but they caused the animals to collapse in confusion due to the high frequency noise.

The cattle got zapped as Tom - who famously does all his own movie stunts - leapt from a chopper four times for his latest outing as action spy Ethan Hunt.

A source told the Sun: "A high frequency noise was used to prevent drones flying near him during the parachute jumps but the tech was very strong and made an entire nearby field of cows fall over.

"Thankfully, they were OK once the scrambling device was switched off."

Sebastian Frej / Alamy Stock Photo

The cattle were probably not too chuffed about being knocked sideways, but elsewhere the action legend has been going down well with the public as filming continues.

He apparently thanked some locals 'for letting me be in a county of such beauty'.

One who chatted to him with pals said: "We talked about the film and he said he loves parachute jumping and he's been hiking here a few times.

"He wasn't in a rush to get off and treated us like friends."

Featured Image Credit: WTS MEDIA

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