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Tom Cruise Challenges James Corden To A Skydive - And He Accepts

Tom Cruise Challenges James Corden To A Skydive - And He Accepts

What would happen if Tom Cruise challenged James Corden to skydive out of a plane?



We all know how easy it is to criticise someone - but if you're going to do it, you'd better be ready to face the consequences like James Corden did.

In hindsight, it probably wasn't the Brit's smartest moment to mock one of Tom Cruise's stunts on The Late Late Show. Cruise, who is known for doing his own stunts in the Mission: Impossible series, was never going to let the funny man walk away from his jibe - and it turned out to be a painful walk for the comedian, too.

Corden took on Cruise's challenge to skydive out of an airplane over the Perris Valley in California and took a bit of a nasty tumble upon landing. The talk show host crashed into the ground in style, almost performed the splits and probably felt like someone had thrown him off a building for the hell of it.

Of course, we don't need to really talk about Cruise. The actor showed up Corden and landed like an angel - it helps when you do your own stunts, you know.


To Corden's credit, not everyone would jump out of a plane that was at a decent altitude. But you have to have some serious respect for the man after leaping out at 15,000ft.

"The worst problem is in all of this, if we both die, I will get zero press, I will be a footnote," Corden said in the video.

"The story will be: 'Tom Cruise dies. Also that guy who occasionally drives around in a car was also there.'"

Naturally, Corden had the perfect sense of humour to come out of this well, despite being absolutely terrified. What's even better is that Cruise chimed in to show off that even he is a comedian at heart.


"Between you and me, I was half expecting him to text me and tell me he was cancelling," Cruise said.

And Corden even managed to survive the whole affair without serious injury, so it all worked out for the best, eh?

"Here it is, quite possibly one of my favorite things we've ever shot, jumping out of a plane with @TomCruise! An unforgettable day...," he tweeted.

Everyone can be quite thankful that Corden chose the right person to leap out of the plane with. Imagine if he'd called out Harrison Ford for his flying abilities and then had to ride in a plane with him?

It would be a disaster waiting to happen. Come on, Ford is the man that once famously said as Indiana Jones: "Fly, yes! Land? No!"

Words by Adnan Riaz

Featured Image Credit: PA / CBS

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