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Charles Bronson shares his plan if he's released after nearly 50 years

Charles Bronson shares his plan if he's released after nearly 50 years

Charles Bronson could be released after an upcoming parole hearing.

Charles Bronson has already made plans for the outside world ahead of his public parole hearing that could set him free after 50 years behind bars.

The 70-year-old, who was born as Michael Peterson, is one of Britain's longest serving prisoners thanks to a number of sentences.

Today (6 March), he will stand before a parole board and ask for his freedom. If the board agree, Charles already has his plans set.

Bronson's ex-wife Irene Dunroe has kept in touch with him since his sentencing, both over the phone by sending letters, and has heard all about his plans for the outside world.

Charles Bronson's parole hearing is today.
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Irene, who has remarried twice since her relationship with Bronson, told ECHO that the first thing he wants to do with his freedom is get two dogs.

He wants to name them Ronnie and Reggie, after the Kray twins, who he became friends with while at HMP Pankhurst.

Then, Bronson hopes to live a quiet, simple life by the beach, and spend some time with his son Mike.

"He just wants to live out his last few years. He just wants to do his art," Irene explained.

"He wants to feel the sun on his face, walk along the sea and feel the sand on his toes.

"He wants to see the seagulls and listen to the birds.

Bronson hopes that he will be released today.
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"As soon as he comes out he's already made arrangements to get the biggest, greasy breakfast you can imagine.

"He's been in there for god knows - 47 years, 48 years now. Mike [his son] - he's 50 this year. Mike needs his dad."

Charles was first sentenced to prison for his role in an armed robbery in 1974.

Despite brief periods outside of jail since then, he has remained almost constantly incarcerated, with his various sentences continuing to mount because of violent incidents whilst in the prison system including assault of inmates and staff as well as hostage taking.

Speaking about what Charles' life in prison has become, Irene revealed: "He's been in a little, dark cell which is why he wears dark, round glasses because he's been in the dark for so long. He's been fed through a little flap in the door.

"He just wants to get out of prison and he deserves to be out of prison. He's treated a lot better now.

Bronson maintains he is rehabilitated and deserves his release.

"He's not treated like an animal now or kept in solitary confinement like he was for about 40 years. If he was a murderer he'd be out by now."

After years of crime, Charles now claims he has been rehabilitated, and is ready to commit to a peaceful life.

Bronson's parole hearing is set to take place from 10am today.

Featured Image Credit: World History Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

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