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Mum forced to tell son she can't afford any Christmas presents this year

Mum forced to tell son she can't afford any Christmas presents this year

Christine says she is constantly worrying about the bills and is struggling to find work

A mum has been forced to tell her son that he won't be getting any presents this Christmas. Listen to her story:

With millions struggling to cope with the cost of living crisis, families up and down the country are being forced to make difficult decisions.

And Christine Borton, from Wednesbury, West Midlands, says she has had to tell her son Dayjanta that she can't afford to buy him any gifts this year.

The 48-year-old opened up about her financial difficulties, and said that the saddest part of it was that he 'already knew' and 'wasn't surprised' when she broke the news to him.

Christine, a single mum-of-three, has been relying on food banks over the past few months as she struggles to make ends meet.

"Life is tough right now," she said. "I’m unable to cover all my outgoings, I can’t cover my basic needs never mind presents.

"I told Dayjanta about four weeks ago. I told him there wouldn’t be any presents. It broke my heart.

Christine told her son she won't be able to buy him presents this Christmas.

"He has been looking forward to a Christmas present but he realises now it won’t happen. I think in a way he already knew. It wasn't a surprise."

Adding: "He understands we don’t have the funds for it.

"He knows the situation, he doesn’t ask for sweets and ice-cream, he's pretty laid back and just says, 'Don’t worry, man'."

With winter approaching, and bills only going up, Christine said she's not sure how she's going to cope.

"I am very worried about the next few months. Dayjanta looks at the electric meter and keeps telling me how much we’ve used - he’s obsessed about our finances all the time," she admits.

"A 10-year-old kid shouldn't have to worry about that. My little one is looking at the gas and electric and screaming at the levels. Before you know it they need topping up and you can’t afford food.

The single mum has been out of work since October last year and has been unable to find a new job.

"I’m even behind on my rent here already, there’s just not enough money."

Christine lost her job in October last year, and has been looking for work but hasn't had any luck as yet.

She is now urging the government to act and give support the families like hers who desperately need it.

"The only plan I have is to get a job, and trust me I have tried," she said.

"Now my bills are nearly £1,200 and my universal credit doesn’t cover that. I haven’t been shopping since January. My freezer is empty.

"Companies these days don’t care what situation I'm in, they just care about money. I tell them ‘don’t you see the crisis that is happening'.

"I have to go to the local shop and look for the offers. I go to the foodbank but you don’t what you really need every time you go there."

Adding: "Sometimes I just want to scream and pack up and leave but where am I going to go?"

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