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People Are 'Obsessed' By Man Who Has Pint Of Milk And Full Tub Of Ice Cream With Every Meal

People Are 'Obsessed' By Man Who Has Pint Of Milk And Full Tub Of Ice Cream With Every Meal

This lad has a pint of milk and a full tub of ice cream with every meal and we're honestly just so impressed.

One man has worked out an absolutely legendary drink and dessert combo he has with every meal.

They say variety is the spice of life, but there's something to be said for knowing what you like on your plate and sticking to it religiously.

People get into habits because they enjoy them, and when it comes to food, it's always a good idea to make sure there's something you know you'll enjoy in every meal.

While mum and dad might have said 'try it, you might like it' a million times when you were a kid, that risk goes down easier if there's something on your plate you know you won't hate.

Meanwhile, once you become an adult and get to decide what goes onto your plate yourself, the whole wide world of culinary delights really is your playground.

One man who has taken that idea to heart has left people 'obsessed' with his choice of meals, and it really is British cuisine at its finest.

Posting his massive meals to Facebook group Council Cuisines, William Russell's dishes are never seen without a pint of milk to drink and a big tub of ice cream for afterwards.

While the main meals are already belly busting in their portion sizes and impressively creative, they are almost always paired with the same extras.

Pork belly stir-fry with a plum and hoisin sauce? Pint of milk and a tub of ice cream.

The classic sausage, chips, eggs and beans? Pint of milk and a tub of ice cream.

Cheesy chips, cheese on beans and chicken dippers? You can probably guess by now.

He is capable of shaking things up from time to time as one of the other meals he posted, chicken and mushroom curry with chips, was accompanied by a whole pitcher of milk and a toffee cheesecake.

Fancy drinking one of these with every meal? We know a guy who does.

The man's choices have been hailed as iconic as plenty of people took to Twitter to hail his behaviour as 'absolute king s**t', and 'goals'.

One person said he had just become their 'hero' while another said they'd 'die for him'.

Others praised his cooking ability and presentation, with someone going all Alan Partridge with their appreciation of the way he uses sausages as a breakwater for his beans.

Not everyone was quite so enthusiastic about Russell's choice of food, with some people suggesting they'd hate the idea of quaffing a whole pint of milk with a meal, let alone every day.

More suggested his nearest and dearest should bid their goodbyes now as one person said he 'won't be around much longer'.

Maybe for his next meal he could get some of those new potato spoons Heinz have made so diners can scoop up more ketchup with each fry.

Featured Image Credit: Council Cuisines/William Russell

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