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Man charged with murdering woman he invited on holiday in viral tweet has prison ‘privileges’

Man charged with murdering woman he invited on holiday in viral tweet has prison ‘privileges’

John Polous is possibly facing over 35 years in prison but currently has 'privileges' in Colombia

The man charged with murdering the woman he invited on holiday in a viral tweet has ‘privileges’ in the Colombian prison, it has emerged.

American citizen John Poulos, 35, is currently facing a possible 35+ year sentence for allegedly killing his girlfriend, Colombian DJ Valentina Trespalacios, 21.

Back on 17 December 2022, a viral Twitter challenge prompted Poulos to reveal how he met his younger partner as he shared their ‘craziest first date’.

Sharing a selfie of himself and Trespalacios on Twitter, he wrote: “Invited a Colombian woman on vacation without meeting her first – now we’re getting married.”

Tragically however, she died just over a month after this tweet on 22 January 2023.

Poulos' tweeted around a month before he allegedly killed his girlfriend.
John Poulos/Twitter

About a year into them dating, Poulos (originally from Wisconsin) travelled to Bogotá in Colombia on 19 January and moved her into an apartment he’d claimed to have rented long-term the next day.

In the early hours of 22 January, the divorced father-of-three allegedly had sex with Trespalacios before beating her and choking her to death at the apartment.

Her body was discovered by a homeless man searching for recyclables inside in a dumpster.

Poulos tried to escape the country but has now been in custody since 25 January.

Colombian outlet, Cambio, heard from the American’s ex-wife about his situation at the Extraditables area from La Picota where he is in a cell alone. This solitary confinement is because his life needs to be guaranteed.

In this section of the prison, there are reportedly ‘240 prisoners who spend their days in cells' with 'three or four people’ and Poulos is the only prisoner ‘who has a cell just for him’.

Cambio reports his cell ‘has a private bathroom, a sink, a small closet and a bed’.

With his alleged crime causing uproar and gathering global attention, the reason for all of this remains that: “He must be isolated for his safety.”

They went on to add: “Poulos does not share with other inmates at any time of the day.

Poulos was allegedly captured on surveillance cameras putting Valentina Trespalacios's body in a car.
Revisita Semana/YouTube

“He is the only one who goes out alone to eat his food and sunbathe.”

It’s also reported that the man ‘complained to the prison authorities of the conditions of the establishment’ but it was again explained to him that they are the ‘only conditions’ that can guarantee keeping him alive.

José Martínez, director of the Colombian capital's prosecution office, told Noticias RCN back in March: “The highest penalty is requested with all the aggravating circumstances… More than 35 years in prison.

“All the probative material, all the compelling technical evidence. We hope to win the trial and achieve an exemplary sentence for the city of Bogotá in this type of case.”

Poulos was arraigned in a Colombian court on Friday, 14 April. His defense team alleged that his capture was 'illegal' and he 'suffered inhumane treatment', CBS58 reported.

The trial began on Monday, 17 April and the attorney’s general office requested a 50-year sentence.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Ptrain67/@Colombianprosecutorsoffice

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