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Death row inmate avoids execution while strapped to table as ‘badly botched’ procedure goes wrong

Death row inmate avoids execution while strapped to table as ‘badly botched’ procedure goes wrong

Thomas Eugene Creech will live to see another day following the unsuccessful execution attempt.

A man who is one of the longest serving inmates on death row has dodged his fate for now following a 'badly botched' attempt to execute him.

Serial killer Thomas Eugene Creech has been behind bars for five decades following his conviction in 1974 for five grisly murders across three US states - but he is suspected of being behind even more slayings.

He was jailed for life for his heinous crimes, but ended up getting into further trouble while he was locked up as he beat a fellow inmate, Dale Jensen, 22, to death seven years later.

The 73-year-old was ultimately slapped with capital punishment following the incident, but he reportedly also confessed to a total of 42 murders across in several US states - although these are unconfirmed.

He is Idaho's longest-serving death row inmate and he was finally set to meet his maker on Wednesday (28 February) shortly after 10am local time, after 50 years behind bars at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution.

Creech was asked if he would like to take a mild sedative by staff, before being taken into the execution chamber where he was then be strapped to a medical gurney as his relatives and representatives watched on.

Thomas Eugene Creech was supposed to be executed on 28 February.
Idaho Department of Corrections

Without any last-minute legal stays, a catheter was then inserted into one of the murderer's veins - and the lethal drugs were supposed to be injected into him, ending his life - marking Idaho's first execution in 12 years.

Although this was the state's plan, the actual execution all went to pot.

Creech was wheeled into the death chamber at 10am and strapped to the padded medical table, but the medical team were unable to establish an IV line which would allow them to administer the deadly cocktail of drugs to kill him.

Reports claim that three different medics tried to establish the line on both his arms and legs, but they were unsuccessful.

Witnesses said Creech, who insists he is now a changed man, was anxiously looking at his relatives through the viewing window while being prodded and poked as his arms were strapped down to the table.

His attorneys say the attempt to kill him was 'badly botched'.
Idaho Department of Corrections

The killer is said to have mouthed 'I love you' to one attendee while he stretched out his fingers to gesture towards his loved ones, according to Boston 25 News.

After 58 minutes, the prison warden then announced he was halting the execution.

Creech's legal team promptly filed a new motion for a stay of execution in the US District Court in wake of what they described as a 'badly botched execution attempt'.

It read: "Given the badly botched execution attempt this morning, which proves IDOC’s inability to carry out a humane and constitutional execution, undersigned counsel preemptively seek an emergency stay of execution to prevent any further attempts today."

The Idaho Department of Corrections said Creech's death warrant would expire and that it is now considering its next steps.

Featured Image Credit: Idaho Department of Corrections/Getty stock

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