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Life coach roasted for feeding his kids lobster so they only know 'the finer things in life'

Life coach roasted for feeding his kids lobster so they only know 'the finer things in life'

The dad has since copped criticism for boasting that his children prefer lobster omelettes over McDonald's.

A dad has hit back after copping criticism for saying his children enjoy eating lobster instead of junk food at McDonald’s.

Life coach and author Ryan Jackson has landed in hot water after posting a TikTok video of his two children enjoying 'the finer things in life' while chowing down on a lobster omelette for breakfast.

Sorry, were they all out of wagyu steak?

Jackson added an onscreen caption: "When your children have grown up eating McDonald’s. They opt for the lobster omelette instead."

However, the video raised some eyebrows with many accusing the father of perpetuating ‘classism’ and ‘privilege’.

Bali Entrepreneur/TikTok

One person wrote: "Not everyone can afford to feed their kids lobster omelette."

Another said: "Just wait until your kids go to a friend's house and can’t control themselves over some Doritos."

A third commented: "Tell me you’re rich, without telling me you’re rich."

While another user jokingly wrote: "Can’t relate - sorry! my kids have never eaten lobster or smoked salmon - they survive only off oysters, pearls, caviar and shredded gold."

Jackson has since posted a follow-up to defend the now-viral original clip, which has now been viewed more than 1.4 million times.

The Bali-based dad said it was merely a 'proud moment' as his children ordered 'healthier' food off the menu, which instilled that his nutrition lessons had 'paid off'.

"There's a lot of references to classism and privilege and everything else which is bull***t, that's not the reality," he said.

"To put it into context, we went away for my wife's birthday and at breakfast yesterday, my eldest son who's only seven, he had a wide variety of choices he could have made including things like pancakes with maple syrup, chocolate croissants, danish pastries, muffins with chocolate chips. But, rather than any of that, he opted for the lobster omelette. So, for me as a parent, that's a very proud moment."

The father-of-two added: "It reinforces that all the education and all the teachings I've been trying to give him around food and eating more consciously is paying off and so I wanted to share it.”

Bali Entrepreneur/TikTok

"It's not about wealth, it's not about classism, it's not about any of that, it's just about education around food.”

Jackson also revealed that he used to indulge in fast food and soft drinks frequently.

After he changed his diet he realised he wants to instil those values in his children.

"...Now I make an informed decision not to touch those foods. If I'm not going to eat those foods [then] why the hell would I let my children eat them?"

He added: "A lot of people say that it should be okay as a treat once in a while. Personally, I don't feel it should be perceived as a treat for kids. There are far better things out there."

Featured Image Credit: Bali.Entrepreneur/TikTok.

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