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200 billion daddy long legs set to invade UK homes in the next two weeks

200 billion daddy long legs set to invade UK homes in the next two weeks

Prepare your homes, the invasion of billions of daddy long legs is about to begin.

Over the next two weeks, Brits had better prepare for their homes to be taken over by a veritable swarm of daddy long legs as 200 billion of them are set to invade.

The invasion happens at about this time every year with such precise regularity that you could mark it down on the calendar.

As the weather is cooling down after summer, it's time for the creepy crawlies to emerge from the ground and seek a cosier place to live in the autumn, and your house is their favourite spot.

Attracted to warmth and light, if you've got the lights on and the windows open as the nights grow colder they'll be unable to resist and will creep their way into your home.

There isn't actually a species of insect called the daddy long legs, they're actually a nickname for several species of insect including crane flies and cellar spiders.

What they've got in common is having the big, angular legs that makes them stick out so clearly when they're gripping onto a wall of your house.

The crane fly is one of the bugs we refer to as a daddy long legs.
Christian Musat / Alamy Stock Photo

The crane flies will have the easiest time getting in thanks to their wings, and once inside they'll be lurking around as a scary nuisance you probably want rid of, plus they might buzz in your face while you try and look at your phone before bed.

While they don't live very long once out and about in the world, just between 10 and 15 days, in that time they'll be busy getting busy under your roof.

One of their main priorities while inside your home will be looking for hot singles in their area to have sex with and get ready for the next generation of bugs to invade your house.

Since you probably don't want your lovely clean home to become a daddy long legs orgy pad, it's worth being aware that the next couple of weeks are the time they'll be invading.

As for how to keep your home from being infested with daddy long legs this autumn, the best way it to keep your windows shut and make sure there's no glaring gaps in your home where they could creep in.

Make sure cracks and gaps in your doors and windows are sealed too, as determined insects could find other ways to get in.

The cellar spider, another creepy crawly we refer to as a daddy long legs.
Arterra Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo

If you've got a garden you could also do well to keep it clean and check possible hiding places where the creepy crawlies could be lying in wait before making a move on your house.

You could just kill them as they invade, but that sounds a little bit mean and according to experts is a bad idea as the insects are good for the environment around them.

Daddy long legs gobble up dead organic matter like other insects, while they're a tasty treat for nearby birds.

If you do find that some of the invaders have somehow made it in despite your windows being shut, then the best course of action is to simply pick them up and toss them out.

You might also have heard that daddy long legs are actually incredibly poisonous, but those are just urban myths not worth believing.

There's no evidence that they're dangerous to humans, just a scary nuisance if you're not a fan of bugs.

Remember, if you want to keep the daddy long legs out, keep those windows closed and toss out any that do manage to get in.

Good luck.

Featured Image Credit: Papilio / Colin Varndell / Alamy Stock Photo

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