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'Sex Machine' Daddy Long Legs Are Set To Invade Homes This Month

'Sex Machine' Daddy Long Legs Are Set To Invade Homes This Month

As we head into autumn, you might find you're sharing your house with a new bunch of non-paying visitors in the form of giant daddy long legs - or crane flies, to give them their proper name.

The bugs are often out in force at this time of year as they emerge from the ground and begin their quest for a mate.

Lawn treatment specialist Ian Kettle, who works across Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex, warned The Daily Mail that he's 'never seen so many' in the 13 years he's been running his business.

According to The Mail, we could be set to see a whopping 200 billion of the insects across the UK.


So if 2020 wasn't quite bad enough already, we've now got horny daddy long legs waiting to burst into our bedrooms in their droves.


However, Mark Iley, landscape conservation development manager at Essex Wildlife Trust, explained to Essex Live that there's probably no more of the insects hovering around this year than any other year.


He said: "The recent rain and wetter weather has softened the soil and improved conditions for the emergence of crane flies.

"However, crane flies are no more numerous this year than usual, people are just more likely to see them as it's the best time of year to spot them.

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"As well as gardens and fields, you may also witness more crane flies around the home, this is because they are attracted to light.

"As the days shorten and lights are switched on, they will be found around windows and in homes."


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Showing a blatant disregard for Matt Hancock's plea to avoid casual sex, the creepy crawlies will be out and about on the lookout for a mate - and may accidentally end up in your gaff if you've got the windows open.

The insects only live for around one week, in which time they've got to find a mate and, for the females, lay some eggs. The pressure.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Paul Hetherington, from charity Buglife, told the Daily Mail: "They cannot eat or drink and only live for a few.


"They are purely built to have sex and the females lay eggs outdoors. They have got 24 hours or so to find a mate.

"They are sex machines."

As well as being sex machines, the bugs are also an important source of food for birds and other wildlife.

If you do come across one in your home, the best thing you can do is gently catch it and release it back to the wild so it can carry on its hunt for a mate.

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