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David Icke had wild 1990s theory about what the world would look like today

David Icke had wild 1990s theory about what the world would look like today

The modern world predicted by David Icke is so wildly wrong about basically everything

David Icke once claimed that the world was going to end in 1997, and yet as we round off the first month of 2023 the world seems to still be plodding on.

Unless the last two decades or so have all been some kind of elaborate hallucination then Icke was quite badly wrong about that, but it didn't stop him from making another attempt to guess what the world of the future would turn out like. Take a look for yourself:

For those unfamiliar with David Icke, or who might have heard the name but just can't quite place it anywhere, he's the conspiracy theorist bloke who claims the Royal Family are secretly a bunch of lizards.

He believes shapeshifting alien reptiles have infiltrated our species by assuming human form and obtaining roles of political power, and also claimed to be the son of God, arguing that people didn't believe Jesus either.

He's made all sorts of wild claims over the years and dove headlong into Covid-19 conspiracy circles, for which he was banned from Twitter, and he was more recently banned from most of Europe too.

David Icke threw out some wild conspiracy theories in the 1990s, and is still heavily involved with conspiracies these days.
Guy Corbishley / Alamy Stock Photo

In 1998 he made a series of wild predictions for how the future would turn out, and was spectacularly incorrect in his theories.

He claimed that the following years would see a 'network of interbreeding bloodlines' would go about creating a 'world government' which would hold power over nation states, and yet individual countries still run themselves.

On top of that Icke predicted that NATO would grow into the 'world army', and if you keep up with current events at all you'll know that has rather clearly not happened.

Icke also claimed that people would be microchipped, leading them to be subjected to 'external manipulation'.

David Icke these days, many years after he claimed the world was going to end.
Kevin J. Frost / Alamy Stock Photo

One thing he got a little bit less wrong was the idea that there would be 'a currency that wouldn't be cash, it would be electronic', which does sound a bit like the cryptocurrency we have these days but Icke was dead wrong about how important it would be.

While he was talking about this electronic currency becoming a 'world currency', modern day crypto doesn't look anywhere near ready to replace actual money as it keeps crashing around in value.

Instead of being some global currency we all have to use you can barely spend crypto on anything worth having and it keeps fluctuating in value so wildly that it's basically no use as actual money.

Featured Image Credit: @goddeketal / Twitter

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