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Huge debate started as massive queue for popular Indian restaurant is spotted

Huge debate started as massive queue for popular Indian restaurant is spotted

People can't decide whether it's worth queuing for a popular Indian restaurant or not

A big debate has kicked off over whether it's worth queuing for a popular Indian restaurant after people saw an absolutely honking massive line for the chain.

Obviously when you want to go out to eat, long waiting times are something you occasionally have to put up with, but standing in the freezing cold outside a chain restaurant was a bridge too far for some.

While you might be willing to shiver yourself into working up an appetite for the right restaurant, plenty reckoned it just wasn't worth it, only to get some backlash from ardent fans of one popular Indian chain.

The discussion all started when Twitter user @liambarker said he'd 'never understand people that queue for Dishoom', posting a picture of a mass of people all seemingly waiting their turn to get into the restaurant.

The debate was started after people were spotted literally queuing round the block for Dishoom.

He pointed out that 'London has hundreds of amazing Indian restaurants', making it seem a bit silly that so many people were willing to wait so long to get into this particular one.

Liam later admitted that he 'might have p****d off the Dishoom fans' with his tweet, especially considering the massive debate which had followed it.

Plenty took to social media to defend the chain, telling people 'it's okay to love Dishoom' and arguing that 'not all authentic Indian food is Punjabi or like a £1.79 dosa in a BYOB basement somewhere'.

There were loads of people willing to pitch in and defend the place, saying the food was 'actually nice', while the branch in Edinburgh was described as 'excellent'.

In particular, lots of people were willing to sing the praises of Dishoom's breakfast – and even better, according to the breakfast aficionados, there were 'no queues' in the morning, so you got the best food and no waiting times to boot.

Even fans of Dishoom reckon the long queue isn't really worth the wait.

Someone else clearly wasn't a fan of the chain, urging people queuing for Dishoom to 'please walk 5 mins to Brick Lane' and try a place they reckoned would 'actually give you your money's worth'.

It was slated as the 'most overrated restaurant in London' by someone who reckoned 'sticking bacon in a naan bread isn't revolutionary'.

Another person hit back, claiming it was a bit ridiculous to see 'people arguing about not liking Dishoom and slagging off the food, forgetting food tastes are subjective'.

Plenty of others joining in with the discourse, or perhaps Dish-course, seemed to have little problem with the restaurant itself but couldn't stand their long queues and wondered why waiting times were always so high.

Not everyone getting in on the debate over Dishoom was entirely serious.

One person said they'll 'never understand why Dishoom does not have a better reservation/walk in policy', while someone else guessed it was 'a policy to get you to spend money at the bar'.

Lots said they found the place to be 'consistent and solid' but were of the 'f**k queuing for food' opinion and would just prefer to go somewhere else if they couldn't get in.

Someone pointed out that turning up to one of their restaurants without booking first was a 'rookie mistake'.

In the past Dishoom has been praised by diners for their restaurants offering menus without calorie information, or scribbling them out on their customers' behalf, as not having the calorie counts next to every choice can really help some people with eating disorders.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@liambarker / Dishoom

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