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Delivery Driver Praised For Reaction After Being Confronted By ‘Angry Ivan’ The Guard Dog

Delivery Driver Praised For Reaction After Being Confronted By ‘Angry Ivan’ The Guard Dog

Some think the man's dog should be put down for 'barking at strangers coming to the property'

A delivery driver has been praised for his reaction after being confronted by a guard dog quite rightly named 'Angry Ivan'. Watch the viral clip below:

The TikTok video was uploaded by Jason Michael Myers (@jasonmichaelmyers84) and from his point of view, he was confused as to why the driver 'decides to ignore the signs on the gate'.

Jason explained in his caption that 'nobody makes it past that gate' because of his two guard two dogs - one of which is nicknamed 'Angry Ivan' - who 'doesn't like anybody coming in'.

As shown in the CCTV footage, as the driver walks out the driveway, he's met by two barking guard dogs that ruffle him up.

As explained by Jason, 'fortunately the guy never ran away... thank God', and the driver was seen standing still and staying calm in the tense situation.


The comments section were impressed by the driver with the way he stood still and put his arms up as we can only assume that if he ran away, he might have been in serious trouble.

Thankfully the owner looked to quickly get the dogs under control.

However, after praising the driver, some thought 'Angry Ivan' was 'untrained' after 'not obeying commands first time'.

One user commented: "That delivery driver was absolutely fantastic."

Another wrote: "I don’t even feel like the owner controlled the situation well enough!

"The man could have been terrified of dogs they should of moved instantly."

A third added: "To be honest, you can't say 'he was only barking', no he wasn't, he pulled at the delivery drivers coat and nearly knocked him over!"

Someone else wrote: "That's just an angry and aggressive dog. He should listen first time to your command!!

"Dm about signs. That's too aggressive simple as."

Angry Ivan.

In a follow-up vid, the dog owner decided to speak out about the incident and hit back at the criticism.

He captioned the video showing Ivan and his other dog walking calmly together: "To the people that think Big Ivan should be put down for being a dog!

"Barking at strangers coming to the property! Get a life!"

Many users agreed with him, with one writing: "Stunning dogs! Just protecting their home."

Another added: "Ivan’s such a good boy doing his job protecting his home!"

Someone else commented: "Funny thing is, Chihuahuas do this all the time. Not once have I seen someone commenting to put one down.. don’t judge a dog by it’s size!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jasonmichaelmyers84

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