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Lad praised for reaction after being majorly stitched up by his mates

Lad praised for reaction after being majorly stitched up by his mates

What a good sport!

A lad has been praised after his mates pulled a hell of a prank on him for a stag party, leaving everyone in stitches.

Let's be honest, stag does and pranks seem to go together like fish and chips. Many places have pranks as a right of passage on a stag party, or on something related to marriage. For instance, Denmark has a form of hazing involving covering someone from head to toe in cinnamon if they are not married by their 25th birthday - which sounds brutal enough.

Brits are no different, though pranks on stag dos can take on a variety of different forms. And some prospective grooms take the jokes better than others, though admittedly some can also be a lot more intense.

He wasn't impressed, but was a good sport.
TikTok / leejohn7780

This group of mates decided to plump for a classic prank on their mate, and we have to say the poor bloke was a good sport in the end.

For the stag party, they all decided that they would be dressing as Smurfs, with the groom being Papa Smurf.

However, it seems that everyone except for what is presumed to be the prospective groom 'forgot' to put on their costumes. This left the hapless groom the only one with a face fully painted blue, and even with a Smurf hat to complete the look.

A video posted to TikTok shows the group of men on the train waiting for their friend to arrive, with the groom seen through the window having fully committed to the fancy dress.

Nonetheless, the groom takes the joke on the chin, despite flipping the bird to his friends as the prank is revealed - even trying on his Smurf hat to complete the look as they set off on their party.

The bio on the video read: "Looks like someone didn't get the memo that fancy dress was cancelled".

Poor bloke.

Readers online took to the comments to praise how well he took the joke. One wrote: "What a good sport! Top lad."

Another posted: "What a good sport!"

A third wrote: "I'll take my hat off to him, he's up for it 100%." Another wrote: "What a guy. Been stitched up, but gives the beers out straight away. Tight group of mates."

Meanwhile, others wrote how they wouldn't have reacted anywhere near as calmly, with one person commenting: "I would turn straight back around and go home".

To be fair, as pranks on stag dos go, it could have been much worse. One unfortunate groom-to-be found himself taped to a set of traffic lights in suspender, a thong, sandals, and socks during his party.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/leejohn7780

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