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Moment on-the-run suspect was chased out of a field by cows into the arms of the police

Moment on-the-run suspect was chased out of a field by cows into the arms of the police

The National Air Police Service posted aerial footage of a suspect being chased by cows in a field in Devon

Footage captures the moo-ment a suspect on the run was chased out of a field by cows, straight into the arms of awaiting police officers.

Staff at the National Air Police Service no doubt get to see some pretty amazing moments from above when trying to track down a suspect, but I imagine they weren’t expecting to look down and see a bunch of cows joining in on their mission recently:

Footage shows the moment the suspect who had been on the run from police in Devon was caught out by a herd of cows, having run into their field to evade authorities.

The South West Region of the service posted the clip on Twitter, joking that the chase had been a ‘high steaks incident’.

The video shows the man pacing through the field, at first walking as the cows follow, with a member of the NPAS narrating the scenes below.

"He’s actually being chased by some cows at the moment," the voice explains on the radio, before issuing instructions for colleagues on the ground about how best to intercept the suspect in a nearby lane.

The whole thing was caught on camera from above.
National Police Air Service

When the NPAS are thanked over the radio for their help, the person reporting from the helicopter quips back: "Thank the cows!"

A spokesperson for NPAS said. “Watch the moment a man on the run from Devon and Cornwall Police was herded up by a group of cows in Devon and mooved out of their field into the arms of waiting Police Officers - however we did have to remind the cows not to take the law into their own hoofs.”

They added: “It was a high steaks incident - he was told to stop running but it clearly went in one ear and out the udder - great team effort as always.”

Naturally, many others joined in on the jokes as they commented on the surreal but briliant video – including Devon and Cornwall Police, who wrote: “The fact they thought they could get away from our undercover cow-pers was udderly ridiculous.”

The suspect was eventually caught, thanks to the cows.
National Police Air Service

Another said: “Trying to escape?? How dairy….”

One other user added: “He must have been Friesian in that weather. He could have done with a Jersey.”

Someone else chimed in: “Milking it a bit with these puns aren’t you?”

Many others just commented to praise the incredible levels of ‘teamwork’ on display from both man and beast.

“Nice bit of teamwork all round, very helpful cows too!!” one said.

Featured Image Credit: National Police Air Service

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