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Dog gets stretchered down huge mountain because it refused to walk a single step more

Dog gets stretchered down huge mountain because it refused to walk a single step more

The tired pooch cracked on the way down Ben Nevis, requiring a rescue crew to save the shattered dog.

A tired dog has refused to come down from the UK's tallest peak by lying down and refusing to move, prompting an emergency rescue.

Maggie, a golden Turkish Akbash dog, who weighs 35kg, was stretchered down Ben Nevis by the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team.

Maggie wound up with sore paws from her initial climb on the Scottish peak, which may have been the cause of her refusal to keep walking. Ben Nevis stands at 1,345 metres.

Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team/Facebook.

Three women initially tried to carry the tired doggo down the mountain, but she proved to be too chonky.

Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team leader Donald Paterson told the BBC: "[Maggie] had given up and the ladies were struggling to help [her] down.

"[Maggie] had a few cuts to its paws, but I think with the heat and soreness [she] decided [she] wasn’t going any further.”

Emergency services were called, with the rescue team deploying a stretcher party complete with a casualty carer armed with chicken stick treats to assist the stranded hound.

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"The owners were struggling and would certainly have been up there all night if they didn’t get any assistance," Paterson told the BBC.

When they arrived, they secured poor, knackered Maggie to the stretcher.

She was then carried down the mountain and looked very pleased with herself during the hubbub.

Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team/Facebook.

"Once Maggie was secured into the stretcher she was able to be transported down the hill for a well-earned rest," the Lochaber team said in a Facebook post.

Maggie was brought down the mountain like the total queen she is at around 1am on Sunday after roughly five hours.

Maggie was given food and water after her ordeal.

She is now understood to be in a better condition. She is also understood to be a very good girl.

Dogs are allowed to climb Ben Nevis, however pet owners are warned to only bring man's best friend pet if they are well-trained, ideally kept on a lead, and you take poo bags on your adventure too.

Ideally, also ensure the dog can handle the distance.

Featured Image Credit: Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team/Facebook.

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