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Dog tries to drag owner into pub and refuses to move 'exposing other half's walking route'

Tom Wood

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A dog appeared to be telling on one of his owners by stopping outside a pub and refusing to walk, leading to speculation that he had exposed the ‘real destination’ he was being taken.

Kate was out walking her pup Grenson on May 15, when he stopped outside sports pub The Stand Off in Exeter city centre and refused to move.

The Airedale terrier has a bit of a reputation for being ‘wilful’ already, but this took it to another level.

Kate tried dragging him away from the pub, but he wasn’t for shifting and eventually plonked right down in the doorway.


All the while, onlookers were having a giggle at her, much to her embarrassment.

Grenson – who also clearly has a penchant for the dramatic – kept flinging himself to the floor outside the pub, continually refusing to shift.

Grenson wasn't going anywhere. Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Grenson wasn't going anywhere. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

It was only when he was almost carried off that she managed to get him to move.


The two minute clip went viral on TikTok, turning Grenson into an overnight superstar.

Most have joked that Grenson’s ‘stubbornness’ and refusal to move was because Kate’s husband must have been taking him in there on the regular.

Kate says that this walk is a regular one for her and Grenson, and – as far as she knows – he’s never ever been into the pub before.

She reckons that he was enticed in by ‘a lot of good smells’.


It’s an apt name for the place: The Stand Off.

Anyway, since the video was shared, it has been viewed nearly two million times, with more than 1,000 people chiming in to offer their thoughts in the comments.

One person said: "That dog is like 'dad always takes me for a pint'."

Another wrote: "So now we all know when your other half says they're going for a long walk, this is the real destination."


A third joked: "If he stops at the betting shop there will be hell to pay for the other half."

As for Kate, she said: "He's never actually been inside that pub - to my knowledge.

"If my husband was taking him to the pub secretly - that'd be quite funny if that was the case, but no."

Kate eventually had to pretty much carry him off. Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Kate eventually had to pretty much carry him off. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

She continued: "He probably wants the attention, the food, and he just loves social places.

"It's embarrassing, and you're aware and conscious people are watching you. You don't want to look stupid and be more embarrassing.

"I can't pick him up and walk off with him that easily but to be honest, I quite enjoy the comedy.

"He came on home quite happily after that."

Of her dog, she added: "He's a stubborn boy and anyone who has an Airedale would say the same, they have a mind of their own and are very wilful.

"You've just got to go with it, he likes to embarrass me.”

Now, the owner of the pub has agreed to reward both dog and owner for the publicity, offering Kate a free meal and Grenson a steak.

They’ll never get him out of there if he does that.

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Tom Wood
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