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Out-of-control dog savages police horse in park in shocking footage

Out-of-control dog savages police horse in park in shocking footage

People could be seen struggling to get the dog under control


Shocking footage shows an out-of-control dog attacking two police horses in a UK park, with officers calling desperately for it to be put on a lead.

The incident took place in Victoria Park in Hackney, East London, at around midday yesterday (Wednesday 22 March).

Footage posted on TikTok by Laila Bell (@lailaboll) shows the dog – which is not on a lead – attacking a police horse’s legs as a number of people attempt to get it under control.

“This is so bad,” the person filming can be heard saying, with others asking who the dog belongs to.

Police officers can also be heard calling for people to get hold of the animal as the horse tries to get free.

“Get hold of it, get hold of the dog,” one shouts.

Eventually, someone manages to grab the dog and guide it away from the horse, which is left limping after the attack.

After the police officer who was riding the horse - which is clearly in distress – demounts, the officials tell the group: “Get that lead on the dog now.”

Someone behind the camera then says: “He’s lucky that horse didn’t destroy that dog.”

People were struggling to get the dog under control.

According to The Sun, the dog was thought to have been an American Bully breed and was removed from the scene by police.

One witness told the outlet she had been walking her dog when she saw the other pet eyeing up the police horses, saying it was far too interested and that she could tell it was ‘looking for a fight’.

The 37-year-old marketing worker said: “It was shocking and scary. You could tell it was bad.

“I spotted the dog and the body language was way too interested in the horses and was going over to antagonise them.

“The officers were trying to get the owner to get the dog under control and secured.

“Eventually there’s one brave witness who grabbed the dog but then the owner takes his time to go over and put the dog on the lead.

“I was apologetic that I couldn’t do anything but I was keeping my own dog on the lead and under control.”

The horse looked to be injured and in distress.

The footage has prompted debate online about the importance of keeping dogs on leads, with one person commenting on TikTok: “Far too many dogs off lead with owners who can’t control them.”

Another said: “I can trust my dog around any animal I STILL DON’T ALLOW HER OFF LEAD IN PUBLIC SPACE.”

A third agreed: “Dogs on leads in public places... PERIOD.”

A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police told LADbible: "On Wednesday, 22 March a dog was seized in Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, after it attacked a police horse.

"The horse required stitches and is expected to return to duty following its recovery. The dog remains in police kennels and officers are in contact with its owner

"No arrests have been made. Enquiries continue."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@lailaboll

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