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DPD Delivery Driver Has To Be Rescued After Getting Trapped In Own Van

DPD Delivery Driver Has To Be Rescued After Getting Trapped In Own Van

A video shows a student rescuing a DPD Delivery driver who was trapped in his own van

A hilarious video showing a student rescuing a DPD delivery driver trapped in his own van has gone viral online. You can watch it below:

The driver, who became trapped in the back of the van after it slammed shut on a Cardiff street, could apparently be heard banging and shouting for help.

Music student Cat Eden, 20, went out to investigating after hearing noise in the street outside her flat, where she discovered the trapped delivery driver.

After rescuing the man once, Eden had to then come out a second time after he again got stuck after moving the van just five feet down the street.

She began to film the second rescue as the driver began to pass her his key fob through a gap in the van door.

The video clip shows the driver asking: "Can you see it? You need to put that on the door and it should release me, got it?"

After being let out the driver can be seen exclaiming: "That's twice now, I don't understand how it's doing it."

To which Eden suggests that maybe he shouldn't get into the back of the van, with the driver replying that he has to in order to get the packages for delivery.

Eden's video received over 7,000 views overnight, with many seeing the hilarity in the video.

The driver was trapped after the door slammed shut.
Deadline News

One user said: "No wonder my damn parcels are always late."

Another said: "I would be too embarrassed to ask for help and have to live in there."

Another DPD delivery driver commented on the clip saying: "I work for DPD and this happened to me last week. I was stuck in the back for an hour."

The video has even made its way to the driver's family, with his wife commenting: "He wasn't happy when it happened but he's finally over it and we're all sat here in barrels of laughs watching the video over and over again."

Delivery drivers and their antics have previously made headlines when one DPD driver 'launched' a parcel from one van to another.

Another driver was spotted taking a photo of a 'fragile' parcel before proceeding to throw it over a six foot wall.

Featured Image Credit: Deadline News