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Seriously creepy drone footage captured 'black eyed girl' running through Cannock Chase forest

Seriously creepy drone footage captured 'black eyed girl' running through Cannock Chase forest

Cannock Chase is considered to be one of the most haunted spots in the UK

Drone footage taken over Cannock Chase forest shows what looks like the paranormal 'black eyed girl' rumoured to haunt the place.

See if you can spot her:

When going out ghost hunting, the best you can probably get is some glimpse or grainy sight of an unusual figure which could be a spectral spirit, or just somebody having a walk.

Cannock Chase in the Midlands is considered to be one of the most haunted spots in the UK, with a string of spooky sightings made throughout the years, and one thing people keep coming back to is the spectre of a 'black eyed girl'.

Over the years, many people have claimed to see ghostly children with sunken black eye sockets lurking in the trees.

People aren't sure whether these are meant to be the ghosts of victims of terrible disease from centuries ago or were slain by a monstrous killer in the 60s.

Good old Cannock Chase, there be ghosts around these parts.
Ron Evans / Alamy Stock Photo

One claim says the ghosts of the black eyed children are people who died of a diphtheria outbreak in the 1800s, with the disease making their eyes appear sunken and dark.

Another says they are the ghosts of the victims of Raymond Morris, who murdered three children between 1965 and 1967.

Of course, there's also the claim from people who don't believe in ghosts and say the whole thing is made up.

Well, this drone footage from a true-believer spotted something on the edge of the tree line and swooped down for a closer view, and the camera saw a mysterious figure lurking around.

People watching thought it looked potentially like a ghost, with one saying 'Cannock Chase is well known for things like this' and a second saying it was 'seriously creepy footage'.

Is it a ghost, or just someone playing dress-up?
YouTube/Furious Otter

Someone else was more sceptical, asking whether they 'drove the drone closer to the girl for a better look' and another person arguing that it was 'fake'.

Another claimed it was obvious that the spectral spirit was a 'person dressed up'.

There have been other supposed encounters with the spirit of the creepy child, with fright-seeker Tom Buckmaster spending a night in the woods and getting freaked out by weird noises.

Meanwhile, another spook-seeker claims to have met 'black eyed children' at Cannock Chase, which he claims is also home to 'werewolves, a pigman and allegedly even Bigfoot', although the last one is of course a British version of the American classic.

If you're intent on going out and trying to find the 'black eyed girl' for yourself, then there are pretty frequent ghost walks you can go on.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/FuriousOtter

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