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Eddie Hall buys jeweller’s mystery container for £12,500 with safes and car inside

Eddie Hall buys jeweller’s mystery container for £12,500 with safes and car inside

Eddie Hall shared his Storage Wars style mission with his subscribers on YouTube

Eddie Hall, better known as The Beast or the World’s Strongest Man, has now branched out into the world of flipping storage containers, buying up an old shipping container at auction and cracking it open to hopefully find some treasure.

Clearly, the strongman has been tuning in to Storage Wars and caught the bug, splashing out £12,000, plus a £500 delivery fee, to have his container dropped off at a car park near to his native Stoke-on-Trent.

It’s a glamorous life that Hall leads.

With his friend helping him out, as well as a number of hired power tools, hammers, crowbars, and – at one stage – his personal tank, they managed to get into two safes that were found inside the metal box, which held the belongings of a former jeweller.

But, would it all come to more than what he paid for the container?

Hall used his strength to attempt to crack a safe.
YouTube/Eddie Hall

Ultimately, that is the risk that you take when buying such a thing.

Hall started off at even more of a loss, because he accidentally knocked over an antique vase that may have belonged to Queen Victoria at the auction house in Macclesfield.

It was an expensive mistake, as he ended up forking out £1,000 to pay for that.

The contents of the container had better have been worth it, then.

Luckily, after they cracked open the first safe with much difficulty, they discovered that it contained 12 golden sovereigns, which he estimated to be worth around £4,000.

They even ran a tank over it.
YouTube/Eddie Hall

Then, the second metal safe contained a diamond ring, which has to be worth a decent amount.

They also discovered a load of tools and other bits and pieces that they could sell.

Still, they were likely still a good way short of the outlay that had been made for the container in the first place.

But, that was all about to change, as lurking at the back of the container, they discovered a car.

And not just any car, either.

It was a Bentley, and in good condition, outside of the fact that it had been in storage for the past 10 years.

Flipping down the sun visor, the keys flopped into Hall’s lap.

At first, the car didn’t work, but after grabbing out a booster pack for the battery, they gave it a jump and the car rumbled into life.

They also found a Bentley in the container.
YouTube/Eddie Hall

Based on similar cars, they estimated that it would be worth around £40,000, meaning that the outlay – with everything else – would have easily been covered.

Which means that Hall’s expenditure – based on a tip-off – was not a waste of time and money in the end.

Not bad for a day’s work, turning £12,500 into over £40,000.

In total, it’s probably a profit of around £34,600, although those are just estimates.

They estimated that the profit was £34,600.
YouTube/Eddie Hall

Either way, you’d imagine that The Beast might share more of these sorts of escapades with his 2,000,000 or so YouTube subscribers.

Perhaps he won’t get so lucky next time, though - which is always the risk you take.

You can check out the full-length video here.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Eddie Hall

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