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Elon Musk called out for bizarre posts about Taylor Swift

Elon Musk called out for bizarre posts about Taylor Swift

The CEO of Twitter has been roasted over his posts about Taylor Swift

Elon Musk has been called out for his very bizarre posts made about American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

The Twitter CEO uploaded a series of odd tweets about the 'Bad Blood' singer that people can't quite wrap their heads around.

Swifties are flocking in left, right and centre to address the peculiar posts.

Elon Musk was called out for bizarre posts about Taylor Swift.
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The series of posts were uploaded by Musk just in time for the beginning of Swift's Eras tour kicking off in Arizona, US.

It all started when the Tesla CEO responded to another Twitter user's post about the singer, in which they wrote: "Taylor Swift rules and if you disagree you’ll be kicked off the internet I'm pretty sure."

The tweet in question was posted by verified user Shibetoshi Nakamoto, whose bio literally reads: "A sarcastic cartoon dog wearing glasses."

Now, I'm pretty sure we've seen weirder on the internet but the billionaire's subsequent response has since baffled fans all over.


Less than an hour after the initial tweet was posted, Musk chimed in with his views on the 'sarcastic cartoon dog's' Swiftie statement.

Talk about a weird crossover.

He replied: "Her limbic resonance skill is exceptional."

For anyone who doesn't have a clue what on earth 'limbic resonance' means - it's been defined as a state of deep emotional and physiological connection between two people.

That's a pretty bizarrely-phrased compliment to give anyone - let alone music icon Swift - if you ask me.


And this isn't the only time the billionaire has tweeted about the 'Anti-Hero' star.

Musk directly replied to a tweet posted by Swift's official Twitter account which showed four photos snapped from her tour in Glendale.

Swift captioned the block of photos: "WELL. Last night was a rush. Thank you to everyone in that glorious Glendale night 2 crowd for giving us all you had and more. Counting down the hours til we get to play again. See you in Vegas."

The 51-year-old commented a cigarette emoji underneath - which many Swifties have since acknowledged as a way to say that Swift was 'smoking hot'.

To make matters even weirder, the billionaire also reacted to a post uploaded by the verified page, Teslaconomics.


The page tweeted a photo of the two celebs with the caption: "You guys think they make a cute couple?" to which Musk replied with a laughing emoji.

Fans of the 33-year-old singer have since called out Musk for the strange turn of events, with many rushing to show just how protective they are over Swift.

One Twitter user wrote: "No, this is weird for me to think about."

"You stay away from her," a second continued.

A third warned: "Leave her alone…"

Some Musk fans, however, opted to try and decipher exactly what he meant by the tweet.

One Twitter user wrote: "People usually enjoy anything that is relatable to themselves personally. Often people will listen to lyrics and try to assign their own personal experiences to it, so in a sense, it’s forming a bond in the limbic system in this way.

"I’m not sure what he meant but maybe."

Who knows.

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