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Expert says world’s largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium was a ‘ticking time bomb’

Expert says world’s largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium was a ‘ticking time bomb’

He claims the hotel asked him to build it but he refused and advised against building the massive tank.

An expert who refused to even draw up a quote for the massive aquarium that wrought havoc in Berlin has hit out at hoteliers who should have seen it coming.

Former owner of Schuran Seawater Equipment Hermann Schuranm told EuroWeekly that it didn't surprise him to hear that the gigantic tank had given out in the Radisson Blu hotel.

"That AquaDom should have been heated to 80 degrees with an oven after construction and then again after the renovation.

"That is very expensive, but it is possible."

He blamed those who built it, adding that he was asked to provide a quote for the work 19 years ago but declined.

Schuranm said the tank should have been inspected every two years for cracks or 'otherwise, there is negligence'.

Around 1,500 fish are said to have died in the December 16 incident.

Hundreds of hotel guests also had to be evacuated after the giant glass structure shattered.

This gives a whole new meaning to 'sleep with the fishes'.

Photos show huge sheets of broken glass strewn across the lobby of the hotel, with visitors saying they initially thought a bomb had gone off after they heard loud bangs as the tank exploded just before 6am.

Before the blast.
EmmePi Travel / Alamy

German federal parliament member Sandra Weeser had been staying at the Raddisson when the tank burst.

As per the BBC, she told local reporters that she was woken up by 'a kind of shock wave' and described the scene outside the hotel as a 'picture of devastation'.

Due to the frosty winter conditions, she added that fish that may have been saved at any other time of year froze to death on the lobby floor.

The complex, which is located in central Berlin, houses a Radisson Blu hotel, a museum, some shops and the world’s largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium, which stood at a whopping 24 metres tall.

It is believed the aquarium held around a million litres of water and was home to some 1,500 tropical fish.

The rupture created a tsunami in the hotel lobby at 5.50am and killed 1,500 fish but miraculously it did not seriously hurt any guests.

Some guests told EuroWeekly that the hotel looked similar to a war zone.

Except with dead fish everywhere.

A few lucky fish survived to tell the tale.

Berlin's Fire Department said on Twitter that 'several dozen' were found alive in the remains of the tank.

Featured Image Credit: imageBROKER / Alamy. @squaremile_uk/Twitter.

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