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First Look Inside Space Hotel That's Set To Open In 2025

First Look Inside Space Hotel That's Set To Open In 2025

Plans have been revealed for a new space hotel which is set to open in 3 years time.

Plans have been revealed for a new space hotel which is set to open in 3 years time.

US-based space company Orbital Assembly has unveiled two new projects which will see businesspeople and tourists alike take to space.

The average deposit for UK first-time buyers is doing nothing but rising, so why not just give up your hopes of a house and try to save your pennies for a once-in-a-lifetime experience truly out of this world?

The company hopes to launch two separate space stations; the Voyager Station, which is set to open in 2027, and the Pioneer Station, which could be open in just three years time.

The Pioneer Station in space could open in as soon as three years.
Orbital Assembly

While offering little information on the the Pioneer Station apart from it being 'the first habitable platforms capable of providing artificial gravity, unlocking unprecedented opportunities for research, tourism, and long duration spaceflight,' on its website, Orbital Assembly explains how the Voyager Station will 'leverage the technologies of Space and the comforts of Earth to create a unique experience unparalleled in history'.

It notes how 'historically', trips to space are often uncomfortable, 'using vacuums for toilets, sleeping in a bag strapped to a wall, and living in a laboratory'.

Instead, the Voyager station offers: "Simulated gravity will offer amenities like toilet facilities, showers, and beds that function similar to what you are used to on Earth."

Orbital Assembly also points out how trips to space 'cost millions of dollars,' however the company doesn't hint at how much a stay at either station may set you back - presumably it's no £39 trip on the Eurostar.

Simulated gravity will offer visitors more home comforts from Earth on the Voyager Station.
Orbital Assembly

The Pioneer Station will be open to researchers, business people and tourists, with a capacity of 28 people while the Voyager Station has the capacity to accommodate up to 400 people at one time.

In the Voyager Station, there are 'luxury suites' which can be rented for a week, month or bought as a holiday home.

"Our luxury villas are anticipated to be up to 500 m2 (5,300 sf). They will feature cooking facilities, up to three bathrooms, and sleeping accommodations for up to 16 people," the website reads.

There are also hotel suites for shorter stays and if travelling alone or in a pair.

The Voyager Station will be able to hold up to 400 guests at one time.
Voyager Station

You may think you've come on holiday, but there certainly won't be any time to relax with the Gymnasium and Activity (GA) module.

Guests can visit the recreation hall day or night, where they can enjoy 'jumping, running and playing sports in the 1/6th Earth gravity environment'.

Or if you're that much of a gym lad you can just stick to your classic weights and treadmills, however this time which a scene of stars and Earth.

At night, the 'biggest musicians on Earth' will join you in the GA where it will become a concert venue.

In the Voyager Station there's a gym with 1/6th of Earth's gravity environment.
Voyager Station

The restaurant will also 'rival the best venues on Earth' and you can enjoy drinks at the bar with 'an other worldly water feature'.

"Don’t feel like taking the stairs? Because of the lower gravity, jump off the balcony and gently land on the level below," the website states.

Not only that, but the whole station 'rotates' according to CEO of Orbital Assembly Tim Alatorre.

He told CNN: "The station rotates, pushing the contents of the station out to the perimeter of the station, much in the way that you can spin a bucket of water -- the water pushes out into the bucket and stays in place."

In the Voyager station's bar, you can simply 'jump off' the balcony because of the lower gravity.
Voyager Station

Alatorre explained how 'the goal' of the company has 'always been to make it possible for large amounts of people to live, work and thrive in space'.

"It's going to get us the opportunity to have people start to experience space on a larger scale, faster," he said.

The website concludes: "Only a select few will have their name put down in history as being first to visit Voyager Station. Will it be you?"

However, the answer to that question, is: "Probably not". Despite the company's attempts to make space more accessible and Alatorre promising 'it's going to happen,' it's definitely seems unlikely that most of us regular Tom, Dick and Harry's will ever have the funds that the likes of Sir Richard Branson has to quite make it to space.

But one can still dream, right?

Featured Image Credit: Orbital Assembly

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