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Girlfriend Farts In Partner's Face While Trying To Attempt TikTok Video

Girlfriend Farts In Partner's Face While Trying To Attempt TikTok Video

The boyfriend was not impressed after she let rip right into his mouth.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A couple have been left red faced after hilariously failing at a TikTok video recreation.

Kendra Colwell, 19, and her boyfriend Joe Sliwoski, 21, were at their home in Mooresville, North Carolina, and decided to do a video they'd seen on the social media platform.

They wanted to do a semi-windmilling move, which involves one person holding the other upside down while they jump from side to side.

You need a good amount of physical strength and decent core to pull off the stunt - and it's also preferable not to have a tummy full of gas.

However, Joe found out the hard way what happens when your guts aren't exactly empty.


As Kendra twirled and bounced, she managed to rip a massive fart just at the moment that her bum passed Joe's face and mouth.

In the clip, 21-year-old Joe holds on just long enough for Kendra's feet to touch the ground, but after that she's on her own.

Kendra can't contain her laughter and her partner seems less than impressed.


Kendra said: "At first he Joe was shocked and thought it was gross but later on found it very funny after watching the video.

Breaking wind is proving quite a popular theme on TikTok.

When an office worker thought she was on her own in the office, she decided the world needed to see her filming herself farting. But her video didn't quite go to plan as it turned out one of her colleagues was still there.

Anja Gridley was working in Appleton Alliance Church, in Wisconsin, US, when she watched her two colleagues walk out of the office door, thinking it would leave her as the only remaining person in the room.

Taking the chance to upload some prime content to her TikTok account, she filmed herself watching her two pals leave the room, before adding a loud farting sound effect to the clip. Why? Well, banter, I suppose. It is pretty funny.

After the loud noise let rip through the room, however, she slowly turned around in her chair and was horrified to see a face looking back at her - and it didn't look too impressed either.

It was then that the realisation dawned on Anja that she had in fact, not been alone after all, and her workmate David was disturbed from his work by the farting sound.

Featured Image Credit: @kendracolwell2/Caters

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