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Finland’s Prime Minister apologises for ‘inappropriate’ topless photo at official residence

Finland’s Prime Minister apologises for ‘inappropriate’ topless photo at official residence

The party-loving PM has wound up in hot water again.

Finland's party-loving Prime Minister Sanna Marin has found herself in hot water again, this time after a topless photo leaked of two women kissing at her taxpayer-funded summer residence.

The fresh photos are the latest controversy for the 36-year-old Finnish leader, coming out less than a week after she copped criticism with a video of her partying with celebs and influencers.

The picture, which has been circulated by Finnish media, shows two women kissing while they lift their tops to bare their breasts.

The two women, believed to be well-known Finnish influencers, covered their bare chests in the photo with a sign taken from the palace that reads 'Finland'.

The party PM confirmed on Tuesday (August 23) that the picture had been taken at her official residence, Kesäranta, after she attended a music festival in July nearby.

"I think the picture is not appropriate, I apologise for it. Such a picture should not have been taken," Ms Marin told reporters in Helsinki, as per The Guardian.

Marin said that she and her friends 'had a sauna, swam and spent time together' at the post-festival gathering.

She added: "That kind of a picture should not have been taken but otherwise, nothing extraordinary happened at the get-together."

The picture was first published on TikTok by one of the women who appeared in the photo. The woman is a former Miss Finland contestant and a social media influencer, The Sun reported.

The Finnish PM made headlines last week after a video of her partying with her pals surfaced online.

The leaked video has prompted calls from fellow Finnish MPs for the party-loving Prime Minister to undergo a voluntary drug test as the people should be 'allowed to expect this' from their leader.

Marin took a drug test on Friday (August 19) to 'clear up suspicions', which came back negative.

In the days after the video found its way to social media, Finnish women have taken to upload videos of themselves dancing and posted them online in support of their Prime Minister.

European Parliament member Tilly Metz said: "If you have a problem that a female politician is dancing with friends during her week-end, then YOU have a problem, not this politician. We should even dance more, [regardless of] gender or age."

Another user added: "LOVE THIS! A male politician/PM/leader would never have faced the level of scrutiny Marin is getting for simply having a night out."

Well, looks like you have to fight for your right to party in Finland.

Featured Image Credit: ALEXANDROS MICHAILIDIS / Alamy. ANP / Alamy.

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