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Bride And Groom Wow Wedding Guests After Setting Themselves On Fire In Exit Stunt

Bride And Groom Wow Wedding Guests After Setting Themselves On Fire In Exit Stunt

The fiery stunt was peformed by professional stunt doubles and needles to say, should n ot be attempted at home.

A newlywed couple quite literally burned down the house as they made a dramatic exit from their wedding reception this week, staging a frankly outrageous stunt which involved deliberately setting themselves on fire.

"A wedding exit is just a fun and exciting way to end the evening and keep the energy up rather than just having your band or DJ end on the last song," wedding photographer Kate Dye recently told Newsweek. "It caps off what has already been a magical day and is one last chance to get gorgeous images to remember it all by."

For most couples this involves being showered with confetti or rice by guests as they leave the ceremony. But for professional stunt doubles Gabe Jessop and Ambyr Bambyr, the dramatic exit was an opportunity to mix business with pleasure.

Gabe and Ambyr met each other while working as stunt people on the set of Hollywood films, which meant that something explosive was always on the cards.

But even with that caveat, the resulting stunt the two of them concluded their wedding with was spectacular to say the least, and as the old adage goes should definitely not be attempted by untrained professionals.


In a video captioned 'when stunt people marry' and uploaded to TikTok by DJ and wedding photographer Russ Powell, Ambyr can be seen brandishing a flaming bouquet of flowers that quickly spreads over the back of the bride and groom, who continue walking on, waving to the guests in attendance who can be heard cheering.

Remaining calm and collected throughout, Gabe and Ambyr eventually reach a point where they both kneel to the ground, allowing two men with fire extinguishers to put the flames out.


The resulting clip has since been viewed over 13 million times on TikTok, and has racked up thousands of comments from viewers in the process.

Commenting on his own video, Powell stressed that 'These are trained professionals, don't try this at home,' before responding to a comment from the groom that '[his] wedding is gonna be top 10 for life.'

Some viewers were concerned about the bride’s hair which came ablaze during the stunt, to which Powell explained that 'they both had anti-burn gel in their hair and face, then she had a wig on top'.

Most were simply impressed that the two - who are clearly a perfect match - had managed to find each other, and wished them well in their marriage.


“Why am I crying?? this is so cute,” one user commented, with another quipping that 'their kids are gonna grow up and realise that their parents are cooler than them'.

“Well- that is one unique wedding, talk about made for each other,” another user wrote.

“I’ve known [Ambyr] for a while and she needed someone who could keep up with her,” Powell concluded in the comments. 

“They are perfect for each other. A fabulous team”

Featured Image Credit: @djrusspowell/TikTok

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